Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Boogieman's Victim and The Canadian Serial Killer

 {Here are two fine stories from Weird_Dad

The Boogieman's Victim

This was also a few years ago but more recent than the other two - about a year after Toronto. It was 4am, I'm in Koreatown with my best friend at the time, and we are riding up the elevator to the now-closed bar of J'z - and when the elevator gets up to the top, the doors open but they say they are closed for the night, and a lady who seems sober gets on with us. We start making conversation. She speaks English well but seems to be foreign - perhaps German. She is older than us by probably 8 years. Her name is something like Zoe. Zoe tells us she is house-sitting for a friend nearby and she could take us there and we could all drink there. It seems too random to not be fun, so we go along with it. We end up in this apartment that looks like a giant Buddhist shrine. We drink, my friend's girlfriend comes and joins us, and Zoe starts talking about something she just calls "my project" cryptically until finally she shows us - it is a book, something of a cartoon. Oh, and it's about how the leaders of the world are the elders of Zion and the Illuminati and how they are all lizard people wearing human skin and that they control us with the media and chemicals in the water and radio waves. But other than that, totally normal book, right? Somehow my friend and his gf end up having sex on the homeowner's bed and I end up on the floor of the Buddhist shrine room, cuddling with a conspiracy theorist, who seems a little out of her mind. She moves me hand onto her breast over her shirt, which I'm not super thrilled about, but am okay with, being drunk and single and less mature or experienced than I am now. But I'm not sure I want anything else to happen and she leaves it there, as sort of an, "okay, your move" which I don't make. In the morning, we get up, say our goodbyes, and she seems much more awkward, and just a little more "off" than the night previous. Fast forward about a week. 4am. I get a phone call - I didn't remember leaving her my number but I must have, unless she took it from my phone while I slept. She says, "The boogieman is here." it takes me a minute to realize it's her, but given her accent I pick it up quickly. "The boogieman is here with me. Will you come save me from the boogieman?" This wasn't playful, she spoke with a very serious tone. I was extremely creeped out. The boogieman is here? "Yes, and if you come fast you can save me." I got off the phone. Fast forward another week, I'm buying groceries. I walk out of the store, and there she is, right outside. She says to me, "You didn't save me from the boogieman." I played it off like a joke. "They're my one weakness." She doesn't smile and I never saw her again.

The Canadian Serial Killer
So, years ago I was in Toronto, bumming around, performing music with a talented street musician I met and his (ambiguously mail-order) bride from the Philippines. One day, while performing some hits by The Who and Nirvana on the street, a guy walks up to us, covered head to toe in tattoos, looking very hairy, and likely in his 50s. Some of them are clearly prison tattoos (including a teardrop or two) and many of them are related to his enjoyment of Satanic imagery and the music of Ozzy Osbourne, he explained. After we finished a song, he told the guitarist that he really shreds but I gotta be angrier if I'm gonna sing Cobain. Nonplussed at the insult, he tries to make amends and talk to us for a longer time by cracking open a couple cans of something in a little plastic bag he is carrying with him - it's two six packs of Clamato - tomato & clam juice. He says he got it with "someone's disability check." We share some of this gross but welcome refreshment over the course of an hour, as he starts talking about music but then moves on to talking about being in prison, and being in Vietnam. He talked about witnessing horrors come to young children and having a daughter who he couldn't see anymore (in fact, he made it seem like she may no longer be living). He then came in real close and said that the cops never caught him for the real bad shit he was doing... Murdering pedophiles. He didn't say how he found them, nor how he proved they were pedophiles, and I got a sinking feeling that these were possibly just people he had hunches about. He talked about how now he was back out of prison, he was doing it again, and I believed him - he was crazy as fuck and built like a brick wall. He talked about his first kill as a GI in Vietnam and how easy killing is once you start.



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Would be nice if the boogie man victim story didn't just cut off.

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We fixed it, Brittnee. The entire story is now available.

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