Thursday, December 12, 2013

Strange Woman in the Washroom

I was working after closing at my retail job, and it was a pretty stormy night. The roads were all ice and snow, and there really wasn't many customers in through out the evening.

About 5 minutes after the store closed and all the lights went off (just the dim ones remained on along with the emergency lights) I finished cleaning up the section I was working in, and suddenly had to run to the washroom (worst bladder ever!)

The washroom is located in a far corner of the store down a hallway, and there was no one else around.

Being the scaredy cat I am, I always get a bit freaked out going back there after closing when not many other workers are present, but I couldn't deny my bladder.

I made my way down the dark corridor and into the brightly lit bathroom. Upon entering, I spotted a very tall lanky blonde women, who did not work at my store in the very back of the bathroom.
She was probably about 6'3 or so, very thin, and was wearing yoga clothing with her hair pulled tightly back. Something about her gave me the creeps.

When she our eyes met and I smiled at her, she gave me one of the most hateful looks I have ever received from another human being. There was something sinister about it... My gut told me to run, but I really had to pee...

Other than her, the bathroom was empty. There is about 12 stalls, so I hopped in the one closest to the door.

After going in, I heard her walking towards the exit door. I let out a sigh of relief, until she stopped before the door, right in front of my stall.

"Oh, she is just using the mirror" I thought. Wrong. She was standing, FACING my stall. She just stood there silently.

At this point I was a bit upset. I mean, what could she want, and why was she there? The store was closed and all customers were either at the cash register or already left, and every other stall was available.

I finished using the washroom and waited. I don't know what she was doing, but she started knocking on my stall door in a rhythm.

I asked her if she needed something, but she didn't respond. She just stood there, silently knocking on the door.

I was petrified with fear. I asked her again... still no response. Instead she started knocking louder.
This went on for about 5 minutes, of her just standing there, occasionally knocking.. I thought I was going to have a heart attack, when suddenly, without saying a word she just left.
I waited for a couple of minutes, then bolted to the sink, washed my hands, and ran like hell without drying them.

When I made it out of the bathroom, she was no where to be seen, and I didn't see her for the rest of the night. I asked one of my co-workers if she saw anyone like her, and she said no.
I have no clue what the heck she wanted, or was doing, or why she was in the bathroom after closing. All I know is that I will NEVER go to the washrooms after closing alone again.

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