Monday, December 2, 2013

House Broken into and Giant Footprints in the Snow

{Alone at night staff note: Sara has submitted a story to us before - about her creepy basement and the possible terror that occurred there before she bought the house. Read this story, and then consider reading Sara's other submission.
You know what's really scary? Really creepy? Really fucking unsettling and uncomfortable? Knowing someone was in YOUR home, invading YOUR privacy and YOUR personal space, touching YOUR belongings and doing it more then once. I think we can all relate to the story I am about to share because it is not some rare, random occurance. It didn't take place in some far off land, or in the middle of no where. It doesn't sound like it was ripped right out of the plot of some horror movie. This is something that happened to my mom who has lived in the same house for 15+ years, in a neighborhood where everyone knows each other and all of the houses are close together.
My mom had a room mate until just a few months ago. When her room mate moved out, my mom was on her own and she kind of liked it; until about 2 weeks ago. She went out of town for a weekend. While she was gone, I stopped by, got her mail, checked on the house. Everything was good the day before she got home. Well, the morning she got back, I got a frantic phone call from her letting me know that her house had been broken in. The a-holes busted in her front door and stole from her. So, this wasn't really scary in the traditional "scary" sense; only scary because people were in her home uninvited. It was also a pain and really inconvenient because then she had to deal with insurance and police and of course, feeling unsafe. So, everything got fixed. The door was better and safer then ever, although I don't think she felt 100% safe or comfortable.
So, today I get another frantic call from my mom that her house was broken into AGAIN last night. Except there was an element of concern and even more uneasiness in her voice. And of course I am already sick to my stomach, worried about my mom living on her own. But then she tells me the creepy part. This time the dbag broke in through the back door. They didn't steal anything, and as far as she can tell, they only went into one room; her bedroom. The reason she knew this was because the light in her bedroom was turned on and only one item had been disturbed. That item was her dresser drawer which held her personal garments. They dumped everything out and turned the drawer upside down. Creepy, right? Thank goodness my mom was not home. The police were able to track the giant footprints through the snow to an alley, but then they got muddled with all of the other sets of footprints. So, what do you do when you don't feel safe in your own home? When you feel like you got a message saying they'll be back?

(Alone at night staff note: one more link about how to prevent break-ins.)


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