Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Close to Home (with audio)

As a bit of background I live in a fairly large house with four other people. We all study at the same university. One of my housemates, Gabi, is my best friend so she always sleeps in my bed. We're both girls and she's tiny, about 5'3" and 110 lbs, I'm 5'10" and about 145 but still not very strong.
About a month ago we got a new housemate called Joaquin. For three weeks he was completely normal. He was tidy and considerate and even made us dinner one night.

Then last week things started to get a bit weird. He would put really dark sunglasses on and stare at himself in the mirror for up to 20 minutes at a time. He would laugh to himself and ignore any questions we asked him.

At one point we were playing ring of fire and we turned around to see him sumo squatting in the middle of the room with his sunglasses still on seemingly in a trance. We all laughed it off as we'd been smoking and just thought he was really high.
At around midnight he took his dinner and went to the bottom of the garden, still wearing his sunglasses.

When he came back he would continuously find ways to try to touch up Gabi. If she changed the music on the laptop he'd stand behind her and pull her on to his lap or stroke her back. When she/we told him to leave her alone he'd stop until the next time she was nearby.

That was also the day he started taking knives from the kitchen and walking around the house with them. He had a little red pen knife that went every where with him too.

A few days later my friend Chelsey came to visit. While Gabi, Chels and I were in the kitchen he came in and stared at us for a long time. He wouldn't break eye contact or smile or even speak. He then began getting behind Gabi and rubbing his crotch against her bum. She would push him off and we would all shout at him but he was totally unfazed. Even when I pulled him off he started doing it again not ten seconds later.

We decided to just leave the room as he was determined to be a perve. Ten minutes later he came in to my room and wouldn't leave, insisting that i had invited him in. I told him that obviously I hadn't but he wouldn't go. I stood up to try to push him out but he just did that death stare, emotionless and freaky. Then Chelsey started walking towards him and he wondered off. After that I locked my door at all times.

The next morning I unlocked my door to go to the toilet for a maximum of thirty seconds. When I returned he was in my bed under the covers. I told him to get the fuck out of my room and he just said "sorry, is it a problem?". I told him obviously it was and repeated to get the fuck out of my room. (Yes, I have a foul mouth). He kept asking me questions trying to stay in my bed but I just kept telling him to get out of my fucking room and he finally did.

I went to university and after two hours got a call from Gabi. She was crying her eyes out telling me that he had stolen her room key when he'd come in to my room and she'd gone in to find him there. He'd dumped all his stuff on her bed and taken her zippo, her late grandfather's watch, multiple accessories and an earring that was in one of her drawers.

When she took everything back and tried to lock him out she realized that he had stolen her room key from the set of keys. He kept lying saying he hadn't taken them for about ten minutes until he caved.
She called our other housemate Beth upstairs to keep him away whilst she got ready for uni. Beth had to physically stand between them as she brushed her teeth as he would follow her everywhere. He also stared at her through the crack of her door while she got changed.

That evening my housemate Gabi and I were locked in my room when Beth knocked on the door. When I went to open it Joaquin came sprinting up the stairs and shoved his foot between the door and the door frame. Again he refused to leave and if we said anything he would make eye contact for like thirty seconds. Fucking creepy!

We kept trying to physically push him out but with his foot in the door we couldn't close it so I swung the door open and shoved him hard so he went reeling backwards.

That night he came outside my door and started saying "Girls...you can't stay there forever, get out! Who do you think you are?! Jesus Christ? Well I killed him and I'll kill you too". Here's a recording (https://soundcloud.com/ellefg/joaquin)

I don't know why I didn't call the police there and then, I think we just didn't know what to do. We're young girls and hadn't really been in such a weird situation before.

The next day we called the landlord and told him we wanted to speak about something so he told us to come over at 7PM. Except Joaquin came home at ten to seven and went straight to my room. Just laughing really loudly and being generally freaky. I called the landlord to pick us up and as soon as he came upstairs Joaquin went in to his room.

The landlord took us to the police station where they told us that they couldn't do anything unless we rang them when it was actually happening. (The police that attended us later told us that was complete bullshit and they could have arrested him).

So we went home to wait in my room like bait. Sure enough after half an hour he started slamming his body against my door trying to gain access. I rang the police and they came after fifteen minutes. In that time he was laughing manically, moaning behind the door and exhaling smoke from his joint through my key hole.

Once the police arrived we unlocked my door. He had set up camp with multiple pillows, slippers, an ashtray and those weird ass sunglasses. Creepy as fuck.

I've gone to stay with my parents but have to return to university/work tomorrow morning. He was charged with four counts of sexual assault Friday morning but has been released. No one knows where he is and his parents are coming over from Spain to locate him. I'm scared shitless but I can't stop living my life over this, hopefully they'll find him and help him as i'm sure this was some sort of psychotic episode. Whatever happens I just hope he stays away from us...

(Alone at Night Staff Note:  The man terrorizing the author of this story sounds like he may suffer from some sort of mental disorder. Linked here is an audio recording of what schizophrenics may hear. Truly terrifying. )

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