Thursday, November 14, 2013


This is a long post, but it is the most severe, gut reaction to a creeper I've ever had. I want to just say outright to that I am NOT a person given to hysterics of any kind. Anyway. I was staying out of town for a class in a motel by myself. Being a student, I went cost over amenities and ended up In one of those deals that's two stories with all doors accessible from the outside. On this night, my room was in the back of the motel on the bottom floor. After I'd gone in to get settled I came back out in front of my car to have a cigarette. As I was smoking, I looked up and noticed a 30 something guy in a red shirt on the walkway above. Nothing really significant about him. The only reason he really caught my attention is because he didn't seem to have come from a room. He walked the length of the upper balcony, down the stairs and then back across the bottom, passing where I was standing. He didn't stop or speak, but as he approached I was terrified. Hairs on neck raised, goosebumps, the whole deal. I recall thinking that I shouldn't dart back into my room because I didn't want him to know which was mine, so I held my ground. After he passed and walked toward the other building on the side and across the parking lot from my building, I grabbed my computer from my car and went back to my room. Quite irrationally I searched every inch of that room. I knew there was no way he could have gotten in but I just couldn't shake the awful feeling I got from him.

Fast forward 45 minutes. I had been on the phone with my sis and made no mention of the man because at that point I'd calmed down and decided I was being silly. Right before we hung up though my sis said, "Just be careful, okay?" Now we are not a family who says "be careful" and "I love you" on the phone so I asked why she said it. She replied she just had a weird feeling, so I told her about the man. We decided I should call the front desk and at least see if he was staying there, so I hung up with her, put a chair in front of the door (because of course I was scared again) and made the call.
I told the girl at the desk that I knew it was crazy, but there was a guy on the property who was kind of giving me the creeps. She immediately replied, "With the red shirt?" I swear my blood ran cold. Turns out he was a guest but he'd been walking around for the past 3 hours and intermittently coming to the lobby only to abruptly leave when another guest entered. The check-in girl was so freaked she called her roommate to stay with her until her shift ended. After I hung up I could not stay there through the night so I packed up, ran to my car and drove around to the front to check-out and get the story from the girl. She was just as scared as me. The guy had an out of state plate and even when he didn't enter the lobby he would stand outside and peer in. The girl had the distinct impression he was trying to get her alone. Needless to say I haven't stayed at that hotel since. Sort of anti-climatic there but words cannot describe the terror (not an exaggeration) that I got from the presence of this man. I fully expected to hear about a murder the next day at that hotel. Thankfully that didn't happen, but even now if he were to flash across the television as a serial murderer I would believe it.



Aloneinthenight said...

We at Alone at Night don't believe in ESP or any of that supernatural bs but we do believe in biology. Humans are animals and have a way of detecting danger that is evolutionarily engrained within us. We believe that your fear of the man in the red shirt was a biological warning mechanism and you did well to follow your instincts. For whatever reason, that man struck you at the core as being a predator, and he was obviously looking for some prey.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Alineatnight. Go with your gut!