Friday, November 15, 2013

Give me a Ride Home

Background on me; 19 y/o male, living in a semi-large city in Ontario.

It was around 11 at night and I had just finished working out at the gym. I went to the grocery store to pick up some food for the next couple of days. While at the grocery store, I decided to get $120 cash back; money that I owed my mum, and unbeknownst to me as I left the grocery store, money that I came so close to losing.

Instead of going straight home, I decided to go for a little drive. I just got my car not long ago, and the novelty of driving stick hasn't worn off yet. After about a half hour of driving around the city, I decide it's about time to head home. As I pass a gas station on the edge of town, but close to my house, I decide that now's as good a time as any to pull in and fuel up.

I pull in and I'm the only one at the gas station. I'm in an industrial/business part of town (the edge, like I said), so there isn't much around. There's an empty lot that's without light beside the gas station and I notice an SUV sitting there, about 100-200m away, but I don't think much of it. I get out and start pumping gas when I notice a woman come round the corner and walk straight towards me.
As soon as I noticed her, a shiver ran down my spine. I instinctively locked my car. She walked towards me quickly, hands in her pockets, staring at me pretty intensely the whole time.

"I got in a fight with my boyfriend and he left me here. Can you give me a ride to my mom's house?" she said casually in her raspy smoker's voice. Another chill ran down my spine as she repeated the question, word for word almost, in that same raspy voice.

"Uhhh... I have to pump gas first," I said to her, keeping my eyes on her the whole time. She walked around to the passenger side door (beside me - fuel port is on the passenger side) and grabs onto the door handle.

"Can you unlock your car? I'm cold. I've been here a while."

"I have to pay for the gas," I said, deciding to cut the gas-pumping short. I walked inside and talked to the guy behind the counter. I told him that the girl outside was kind of suspicious and I didn't know her. He just kind of shrugged and I could tell he wasn't interested in getting involved so I walked out. I figured she was high or something, but I would find a way to just get her to leave me alone.
As I walk out, the SUV that I had mentioned earlier started up. I watched the driver maneuver himself so he could just drive out the exit. He stopped, engine still running. He was still like 100m away.

"Can you open the door now? I'm really cold."

So many alarm bells were going off in my head already. First, she just looked sort of sketchy. She was dressed well enough, but her face was pretty rough. She was pretty covered in make up, but it didn't hide a nasty looking sore on her lip. Her sunken eyes were dull, bloodshot, and just... dead looking. Second, she didn't seem like a "damsel in distress," not at all. She didn't seem upset and she spoke without much emotion.

"No. That's not my problem. I need to go home," I said to her, as firmly as I could.
"Come on! You're driving me home, right?" 
"I can't. I have to get home right now."

 Reaching for my phone, I realized I had left it in the car.
"I'm cold! I've been out here for hours!" She shouts, pretty angrily for someone who's asking a favour, I thought. Then I noticed her look at the SUV. I started cluing into what was going on and raised my voice a bit.

"That's not my problem." I'm at the driver's door now.
"I'm freezing! You said you'd drive me home!"
"That's not my problem!" I started to raise my voice, she started raising hers. We weren't yelling, but it was getting a little heated. We went back and forth like that for a couple of minutes. My mind was racing; I thought about losing my car, about getting stabbed or shot, about getting robbed for the $120 I had in my wallet... I just lost it on her.

"GET THE FUCK BACK. YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I AM. GET THE FUCK BACK RIGHT NOW." I guess I was in fight mode at this point. I was pretty ready to just fucking clock this bitch if she tried anything, as awful as that may sound. I think I caught her off guard or something, because she stepped back right away.

"You better get out of here right now then," she said, walking backwards. I instantly felt my balls tingle sadly and climb up inside me after she said that. I was out of fight mode and into fucking FLIGHT mode. I watched her until she got a decent distance away, noticing she was walking sort of towards the SUV. I didn't watch for much longer. I hopped in my car and peeled the fuck out of there.
I turned into a random subdivision, making sure I wasn't being followed. I called the cops and they said they'd send a car but there wasn't much they could do because there was no real crime committed, but I did the right thing and she was most likely bait for some kind of robbery. I drove home as quick as I could.

Sorry if this is a bit wordy, but I'm not sure the best way to tell this story yet. I'm a bit obsessed with the details of what happened, that's what's got me so disturbed. The emotionless way she spoke, the creepy way she looked, that SUV.... fuck, I'm surprised I didn't just burst into fucking tears there. I mean I've been jumped before but this just seemed so crazy and predatory. The last thing she said to me has absolutely haunted me... "You better get out of here right now then." Laying it all out like that, so suddenly giving up the damsel in distress act... that has to be the worst part of this for me.

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