Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Why You Shouldn't Live in Baltimore

I never really felt intimidated running around Baltimore but flash forward a few years to now, after living in several different neighborhoods in Baltimore, I realize how naive I really was. And how bad this could have turned out.

I had my 22nd birthday at a friend's house in the city. After a while, the group had walked a few blocks to another party and around 2am, I started my inebriated walk back to the original house for my car. For reference, I'm 5 feet tall and probably 100 lbs at the time.. small white girl. I did have a guy friend with me but he wasn't much bigger than me and completely unfamiliar with the city (which I didn't know). After a while, I realize he's been following me while I've been thinking I was following him and we've basically just been wandering.

We come to a neighborhood and decide to just keep walking and hope to see someone to ask for directions. So, we do come across a girl sitting outside and ask her if she can point us back to North avenue. She says she's not from Baltimore, just visiting but she hints that we should probably make out way out of there as fast as possible. As we are walking, there's two guys and a lady across the street. They're hollering obscenities at us but we try to pay no mind and keep going. A few minutes later, we realize we need to turn around and go back the way we come.

Past the people yelling.

As we are coming up the block, I notice the two dudes stand up and start walking across the street. They are HUGE. Like linebackers. My male friend starts walking pretty quickly and just as we intersect the sidewalk with the linebackers, they cut in between my friend and I. Blocking my way. I politely ask them to move so I can pass. To this day, I don't recall anything they said, I just remember them laughing. Fear took over. One of the giants grabbed my waist, pulling me against him and groping me. I tried to squirm and wriggle out of his grasp, but the other giant was helping wrangle me in.

I just knew I was going to be dragged into a rowhouse and raped. My male friend was about a block or two away at this point, I guess fear set in for him and he must have froze up because he did not help. Ironically, he had been carrying my purse which was heavy with a bunch of loose cans of beer. And my pepper spray.

After what was probably just three minutes of being fondled and sure of my imminent death, the lady (most likely a hooker) ran over and grabbed my wrist, pulling me away from the two men. We took off down the street and she pointed us in the direction we needed to go. We did find the car and I made it home, safe.

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