Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Easter Bunny Cometh

So I know I said I had never had anything happen that wasn't really creep-worthy. However, I had dinner with my dad recently, and he reminded me of this story.

We were relatively new to the neighborhood at this time-- having only lived there for a few months. We were getting to know people on the street, but we weren't super close with any particular family. I was 12 or so at the time, and my brother was 4. Now this happened on early Easter Sunday morning. This is important.

My room had a huge window right next to my bed, so my dog loved sleeping with me. He was a very docile dog, rarely ever barking or making a fuss. I woke up that morning very early in the morning to him growling. I looked out the window, and didn't see anything, so I assumed all was well and tried to go back to sleep. My dog, however, kept growling louder until he was finally barking like a maniac. Like big "fuck you" barks. That's when I realized there were two men in my driveway, climbing up the front stairs to our doorway wearing all black.

My father came barreling into my room, and screamed at these guys through my window to get the fuck off his property, and asking them who the fuck they thought they were creeping around our house so early in the morning. One of them responded and my dad couldn't really hear them. He yelled at them again, and finally he understood what he was saying.
"It's Sam and Joe! We're being the Easter Bunny!" Sam and Joe were a father and son from down the street who liked to put flour bunny-prints on people's driveways and front walks, leading to a basket of candy at the doorway for any children in the home. They didn't inform us they were going to be skulking around our house early in the morning, which thus lead to my dog flipping out. They did it every year I lived there, although I think they stopped once my brother turned 13. They are a really great family, and my dog never barked again. Just... holy hell. A little forewarning would have been nice.

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