Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Road Rage

This experience happened to my dad and mum several years ago when going on a bike ride. A little insight: my dad is a competitive cyclist who is in crazy shape and loves going on long distance bike rides, he almost qualified for Tour de France when he was younger. My mother used to compete but now she does it recreationally. One summer they took a bike ride to Quebec from New Hampshire to visit some of my relatives (we're French Canadian) while I stayed with my grandmother, since I was really little at the time.

They were biking on a quiet road a couple miles toward the border when a giant-red pick up truck began to follow my dad closely (since he had gotten ahead of my mum). The truck then started to swerve back and forth toward my dad, trying to run him off the road. Since my dad has dealt with road rage from people, he tried warding the truck away by shaking his fist and yelling for him to back off. Most of the time this would work for my dad, but this was much different.

The red truck speeds up around my dad and then pulls over to the side of the road. My dad then yelled to him asking what his deal was, when suddenly an old man steps out of the car, reaches in his truck bed, and pulls out a rifle and points it at my dad. My dad is in shock and at a loss of words when suddenly my mother creeps up around the corner within seeing distance. As the man see's my mum, his expression turns from pissed to surprised as he drops his gun back in the truck bed and floors it toward the border. If it hadn't been for my mother in plain view of him, who knows what this senile old man would have done to my dad. My mother's not really an intimidating person at all, and I still wonder to this day why he drove off after she appeared. It's scary to think that somewhere as pristine and quiet as Northern New Hampshire can be the home to some really fucked up individuals. Ever since this incident occurred, my parents have always told me to avoid this particular route when driving to Quebec by myself, instead I go through the route of a nearby neighboring state.

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