Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mugged at the Gas Sation

I almost ran out of gas and had to stop in a bad area in the middle of the night. The station was closed so it was credit card only. I stopped, got out to put my card in, and suddenly a man about 6 feet tall appeared in front of me.

He said something like he was stuck with his six year old daughter with no gas, could I give him some cash to help them out. The thing is, you could only pay with a card and it was obvious I was being robbed immediately. Within a minute another man got behind me, and I was just scared to death. I gave him my money, a little over 20 dollars.

The man took my keys, opened my console and said, "I will take your change too, thanks". Then he told me to fill up and leave before someone else came along. I was shaking as I pumped my gas and my new "friends" actually waited for me to finish, like they were looking out for me. They then told me the safest route to get back on the highway, I have a jeep and my top was down so I was pretty vulnerable.

I followed their advice because in a weird way I trusted them, I guess because they didn't hurt me. Strange I know.


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