Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lily and Bull

This occurred in the early 1920's with my Great Grandma Lily. My Grandma and my Mom have shared this story on occasion and why black labs are now a preferred breed for our family. This is my first post! I love this subreddit please be gentle!

She and my Great Grandpa George had recently married and purchased a house in a nice neighborhood. My Grandpa worked at the post office while my Grandma Lily worked as a secretary. There were days Lily was home alone so my Grandpa purchased a black lab as a pet to keep the house safe. A little information about my Great Grandma: She was disabled and would walk around using a stool for balance much like people use walkers now. When she was a child she slipped and fell in a porcelain bathtub and broke her pelvis/hip. She was a tiny sprite but very stubborn and independent lady. She hated the idea of a dog being there to protect her and the fact she was a cat person didn't help either. She would ignore the dog and find reasons to complain about him on a daily basis.

"George he knocked over my plant!" "George, his paws are dirty and I just cleaned he's trailing soil every where!" George didn't budge on the idea of the dog.

One day my Great Grandma was home a lone on a quiet autumn day. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and she relaxed at her favorite seat by the phonograph and was repairing seams on clothes. The black lab, which was named Bull, began to behave restlessly. He refused to leave Lily's side despite her shooing him. He would lay down for a moment, sigh, and get up to wander. A half an hour went by as the dog repeated this behavior. His sighs turning into whines and distressed sounds and loud panting. Lily began to grow uneasy at the dog's behavior.

A mild mannered creature such as Bull was either happy or hungry. He never seemed miserable at all until now. Soon Bull began to pace more frantically. He went from room to room panting and whining. My Grandma didn't know what to make of what was happening and she put down her sewing and struggled to stand all the while watching the black dog. When she stood Bull came back into the room and paced in front of her. His head was lowered and his ears back and he started to bark loudly at her and snarl. The thought of rabies entered her mind and she quickly grabbed her stool and she put it between them. Carefully she slowly took steps towards the front door all the while keeping the stool between her and Bull. The dog stopped pacing and barked loudly at her again.

She reached the bay window at the front of the house and she saw one of their neighbors in her front yard. She waved at him through the closed window and screamed for help. The neighbor seemed not to hear her, he was staring at the house but not at the window and suddenly he took quick steps towards their front door. As quick as she could my Great Grandma struggled to get to the door all the while screaming for help. Bull's barking grew in aggression and the dog quickly ran at the door, getting onto his hind legs and his paws against the wood snapping and snarling. Lily tried to push him away with her stool but the large dog put himself between her and the door with the mass of his body. The neighbor pounded on the locked door and yelled as Bull barked.

Stricken with terror she tumbled back into the bay window contemplated throwing herself out when she watched as a group of men rush onto her lawn towards her door. Thinking that they were there to get her away from the crazed dog. Instead she watched them wrestle the neighbor who had been at the door onto the grass and pinned him down. Crying she opened the window as much as she could and screamed for their help that her dog was going insane. The neighbors pulled her out of the window and helped her onto the porch explaining they had seen the man wandering around her yard for almost an hour as if in a daze. It was until they watched him charge the door and begin to pound on it screaming incoherently that they realized what was going on. While trying the door and pounding on it he pulled a large kitchen knife from his belt and began to stab at the door screaming. He was taken away to the hospital crying about Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

It turns out that their next door neighbor had cancer of the brain that had gone either undiagnosed or he hid it from his family. It had grown to such a size it caused him to lose his mind. That day in his mind he had to kill my Great Grandma Lily. If it wasn't for Bull she might have unlocked and opened the door to see what he wanted. After that day she pampered Bull and gave him the best food and would let him sleep on her feet while she sat at her favorite chair. They had him for ten more years and he watched over my Grandma and my Uncle when they were born until he passed away.

-Margie Gold

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