Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Don't Feed Teenagers Alcohol

I was returning home after classes. My university is quite a distance away, so I take the bus. It was around 8PM, not super-late, but it was already dark outside.

A little before my stop a group of teenagers got on. They were acting VERY loud, but as they weren't sitting near me I ignored them. But then I got off the bus and that's when the fun began, because so did they.

Now, just so you know, I'm a small girl and I was wearing a skirt, not a super short one, just down to my knees (maybe a pretty insignificant detail, but I sure wished I was wearing pants). The group consisted of two girls and, I assume, a guy (also, his teeth seemed to be rotted, and many of them were missing). They seemed to be a bit younger than me, 15-16 years old, I'd guess.

They were quite obviously drunk and one of the girls began calling me "Magda", which isn't my name. I was listening to music, but in my stupidity I took one headphone out to make sure. That's when they started following me, asking me where I was going. The guy put his arm around me asking if I wouldn't go somewhere with him (I violently shook him off). I told them to fuck off, but, obviously, they just laughed. They kept calling me names, the girl began tackling me off the sidewalk (painfully), pulling my jacket's hood (also painfully). The guy ripped the headphones out of my ears then raised up my skirt, at which point I decided "screw it" and made a run for a nearby supermarket.

So they followed me into it, but left me alone, bought some more beer and left. Why they sold them the beer I have no idea. I called my dad to get me home just in case.

I'm really glad I wasn't in some completely god-forsaken place and that the shop wasn't closed yet. Maybe they were just kids, but who the fuck knows what they would've ended up doing. Times like these I wish I were a guy. Or at least had superpowers ._.

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