Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Crazy Story from a Lunatic and A Scream on the End of the Line.

There are two major incidents that caused some serious fear in both me and my parents.

The first, I was still living at home (this was in 2009) and my parents were planning to go away for the weekend, they often did this during the summer months as we had a small place on the beach about 4 hours away, and as a 17 year old I liked to stay home and have the occasional party while they were away.

it was Friday afternoon and the front door was open, with just the screen door shut as the weather was quite warm. Next thing you know, a man in his 40's starts banging on the fly screen door screaming at me and my mum (my dad was still at work), yelling "A MAN'S GOT A KNIFE AND HE'S TRYING TO KILL ME, LET ME IN!!!!'

My mum starts running towards the door because the fly screen isn't locked and grabs the handle to hold it and she yells back at me to call the police.

She tells the man to get away from the door and that the police are coming.. I don't know why she didn't just slam the door shut.. It was weird because it was still daytime and there was a part of both of us who thought there might actually be a man after him, and it all just kind of happened at once.

He seemed really wild and then ran back on to the street out the front of the house, and then we quickly shut the door.

We peered through my bedroom window (looks straight onto the street) and after a couple of minutes the police arrived, put him in the car and knock on our door and told us he's known for having a mental disability and is often hallucinating things.

Needless to say my parents stayed home all weekend!

The second, happened last year. I was living across the country on my own (1000kms away) and I got a frantic phone call from my parents in the middle of the night. Dad was distraught asking if I was okay.. I was like, uhh yeah I'm fine, you actually woke me up! They then told me that someone had called the home phone and my parents obviously hadn't reached the phone in time since they were in bed.. but someone had left a message.. It was a blood curdling scream of a girl. Mum and Dad said they literally fell to the floor in horror then scrambled to phone me to make sure it wasn't me.

My parents never found out who left that message either. We just guessed it was some stupid sick prank call!

- Bella

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