Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Baby to Defend

I was 21 and my hubby was overseas (military) so I went to stay with my parents for a summer while he was deployed. I had just had a baby (3 months).

My parents lived in a neighborhood where everyone knew eachother. My neighbors knew me so even though I left for college I was familiar with them all. Our houses had enough space bt them and big yards. And my parents house in particular had a back wall that was all glass (for the view). They were leaving for a week to go a funeral and since I just had a baby we stayed behind.
I put my baby down and did the usually nightly clean up. Then stayed up later then I usually do bc I was waiting for a call from the hubby and the like 14 hour time difference. I layed down waited and all of a sudden hear a creak. Like the creaking of a door being opened. I completely froze. I thought maybe the ac circulation shut a door (that happens sometimes) and waiting again. Then I heard it AGAIN!

I grabbed my phone and listened and heard panting. F*ing panting from someone like they were out of breath. I started freaking out. I myself can take an intruder on but with my newborn baby? My baby was sound asleep so I scooped him up and stuck him in his car seat carrier, tucked him in and stuck him in it.

I dialed 911 and called literally whispering from the floor. They dispatcher is trying to keep me calm on the line saying she knows the neighborhood and nothing ever happens in it usually bc it's such a safe area. During this I hear someone step on a branch (but sounds further away in the back yard) and curse. The dispatcher can hear me start crying now, quietly but I've gone from suspicious to confirming someone indeed opened the side door to the back yard and entered and preparing to defend myself with my baby present. There's no way in that house to get from my room to the garage or my car w/o crossing the wall of windows, allowing them to see me toting my baby.
I'm debating a last minute blitz and to just grab my son and take off running vs locking ourselves in the master and defending w/e attempts to enter when I finally hear sirens getting closer. The dispatcher tells me there will be a knock and it's the officers. I hear it and run. Look to confirm the officers and let them in. One officer stayed w me and my son while the other did a permitter search. He comes back in and says he didnt see anything. I'm livid bc they think I'm paranoid, I'm not about to stay there alone and I have no family in that town so I'm packing my things to leave and calling for a place to go. The officers watching my reaction and how I absolutely believe I'm not safe decide to switch and double check one more time.
He comes back chuckling saying 'they found my 2 neighbors in the backyard next door and they were looking for their cat just being dumb teenage boys. That they told them to go home, but that's probably what I heard.'

WE DON'T HAVE TEENAGE BOY NEIGHBORS. And none of y neighbors have a cat. One set were a retired couple and the other w 2 daughters. The officer at this point looks completely concerned. He says he will make sure they go home by walking them to their house, goes back out to look for them and comes back a little while later.
Surprise, they are no where to be found.

They filed a report and one of the officers stayed the rest of the night to make sure they didn't come back then we left the next day. I still have no idea who they were, but that they were found 'crouching in the neighboring yard' to this day terrifies me.


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