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Lily and Bull

This occurred in the early 1920's with my Great Grandma Lily. My Grandma and my Mom have shared this story on occasion and why black labs are now a preferred breed for our family. This is my first post! I love this subreddit please be gentle!

She and my Great Grandpa George had recently married and purchased a house in a nice neighborhood. My Grandpa worked at the post office while my Grandma Lily worked as a secretary. There were days Lily was home alone so my Grandpa purchased a black lab as a pet to keep the house safe. A little information about my Great Grandma: She was disabled and would walk around using a stool for balance much like people use walkers now. When she was a child she slipped and fell in a porcelain bathtub and broke her pelvis/hip. She was a tiny sprite but very stubborn and independent lady. She hated the idea of a dog being there to protect her and the fact she was a cat person didn't help either. She would ignore the dog and find reasons to complain about him on a daily basis.

"George he knocked over my plant!" "George, his paws are dirty and I just cleaned he's trailing soil every where!" George didn't budge on the idea of the dog.

One day my Great Grandma was home a lone on a quiet autumn day. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and she relaxed at her favorite seat by the phonograph and was repairing seams on clothes. The black lab, which was named Bull, began to behave restlessly. He refused to leave Lily's side despite her shooing him. He would lay down for a moment, sigh, and get up to wander. A half an hour went by as the dog repeated this behavior. His sighs turning into whines and distressed sounds and loud panting. Lily began to grow uneasy at the dog's behavior.

A mild mannered creature such as Bull was either happy or hungry. He never seemed miserable at all until now. Soon Bull began to pace more frantically. He went from room to room panting and whining. My Grandma didn't know what to make of what was happening and she put down her sewing and struggled to stand all the while watching the black dog. When she stood Bull came back into the room and paced in front of her. His head was lowered and his ears back and he started to bark loudly at her and snarl. The thought of rabies entered her mind and she quickly grabbed her stool and she put it between them. Carefully she slowly took steps towards the front door all the while keeping the stool between her and Bull. The dog stopped pacing and barked loudly at her again.

She reached the bay window at the front of the house and she saw one of their neighbors in her front yard. She waved at him through the closed window and screamed for help. The neighbor seemed not to hear her, he was staring at the house but not at the window and suddenly he took quick steps towards their front door. As quick as she could my Great Grandma struggled to get to the door all the while screaming for help. Bull's barking grew in aggression and the dog quickly ran at the door, getting onto his hind legs and his paws against the wood snapping and snarling. Lily tried to push him away with her stool but the large dog put himself between her and the door with the mass of his body. The neighbor pounded on the locked door and yelled as Bull barked.

Stricken with terror she tumbled back into the bay window contemplated throwing herself out when she watched as a group of men rush onto her lawn towards her door. Thinking that they were there to get her away from the crazed dog. Instead she watched them wrestle the neighbor who had been at the door onto the grass and pinned him down. Crying she opened the window as much as she could and screamed for their help that her dog was going insane. The neighbors pulled her out of the window and helped her onto the porch explaining they had seen the man wandering around her yard for almost an hour as if in a daze. It was until they watched him charge the door and begin to pound on it screaming incoherently that they realized what was going on. While trying the door and pounding on it he pulled a large kitchen knife from his belt and began to stab at the door screaming. He was taken away to the hospital crying about Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

It turns out that their next door neighbor had cancer of the brain that had gone either undiagnosed or he hid it from his family. It had grown to such a size it caused him to lose his mind. That day in his mind he had to kill my Great Grandma Lily. If it wasn't for Bull she might have unlocked and opened the door to see what he wanted. After that day she pampered Bull and gave him the best food and would let him sleep on her feet while she sat at her favorite chair. They had him for ten more years and he watched over my Grandma and my Uncle when they were born until he passed away.

-Margie Gold

Don't Feed Teenagers Alcohol

I was returning home after classes. My university is quite a distance away, so I take the bus. It was around 8PM, not super-late, but it was already dark outside.

A little before my stop a group of teenagers got on. They were acting VERY loud, but as they weren't sitting near me I ignored them. But then I got off the bus and that's when the fun began, because so did they.

Now, just so you know, I'm a small girl and I was wearing a skirt, not a super short one, just down to my knees (maybe a pretty insignificant detail, but I sure wished I was wearing pants). The group consisted of two girls and, I assume, a guy (also, his teeth seemed to be rotted, and many of them were missing). They seemed to be a bit younger than me, 15-16 years old, I'd guess.

They were quite obviously drunk and one of the girls began calling me "Magda", which isn't my name. I was listening to music, but in my stupidity I took one headphone out to make sure. That's when they started following me, asking me where I was going. The guy put his arm around me asking if I wouldn't go somewhere with him (I violently shook him off). I told them to fuck off, but, obviously, they just laughed. They kept calling me names, the girl began tackling me off the sidewalk (painfully), pulling my jacket's hood (also painfully). The guy ripped the headphones out of my ears then raised up my skirt, at which point I decided "screw it" and made a run for a nearby supermarket.

So they followed me into it, but left me alone, bought some more beer and left. Why they sold them the beer I have no idea. I called my dad to get me home just in case.

I'm really glad I wasn't in some completely god-forsaken place and that the shop wasn't closed yet. Maybe they were just kids, but who the fuck knows what they would've ended up doing. Times like these I wish I were a guy. Or at least had superpowers ._.

A Man in Uniform

I apologise for the long post but this is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life.

It was ANZAC day long weekend a couple years ago (I'm in Australia), my housemate and I decided to take advantage of the drink specials at the local bars and pop out for a lunch time pint or two. We are sitting and chatting and soon she catches the eye of a guy in the bar. He approaches with a mate of his and starts to hit on my friend. She's very receptive so while they make googly eyes at each other the friend and I establish that we aren't interested in each other but get to chatting like good wings should. There may not be any attraction but he's entertaining and our conversation is lively.

Everyone finishes their drinks and the wingman gets up to buy a round. The happy couple are enamoured with each other so I look around the bar for anything interesting. Being ANZAC day long weekend the place is packed to the brim with service men and women in uniform and rowdy randoms taking advantage of being able to drink at lunchtime on a Monday. I spot a guy in uniform standing awkwardly in the corner, staring at me, but as soon as I spot him he quickly looks away. Weird looking guy, probably in his 40's who just seemed totally out of place. His uniform was odd, as if it wasn't the real thing but he'd picked it up from a costume shop. Navy blue with brass buttons and gold tassels on the shoulders, a chest full of medals. Something about him just gave me the creeps and that very rarely happens. Wingman returns with our pints so I'm entertained again, but a few times my eyes sweep back to the creepy guy. Each time he quickly looks away.

After about 15 minutes creepy guy finally gets up the courage to approach me. He walks up, while I'm mid conversation with the wingman, and asks my name. Now to be clear, I have no issues with being approached in a respectful manner in bars, I'm not admonishing the guy for that. But to approach a woman in a bar while she's engaged in an active conversation with another man is a touch odd. We both pause and look at the guy, I tell him my name with a raised eyebrow. Without telling me his he asks if I would like a drink. Trying not to be rude because I understand how nerve-wracking it can be to approach people, I decline and gesture to my half finished pint. This guy is obviously nervous and should be harmless but he is setting off my internal alarms. He asks if the wingman and I are 'together', I have a policy not to lie about these kind of things because I don't think women should need to give an excuse to a guy to turn him down, so I say no but reitterate that I don't want him to by me a drink and gently suggest he try his luck elsewhere. He turns around and walks away, wingman mans makes a low whistle and says something like "wow, what a weirdo."

Conversation continues and creepy guy is back in his corner, still staring. After about 10 minutes he approaches again when my glass is empty, asking if he can buy me a drink now. I tell him flat out again I'm not interested. He returns to his corner and keeps staring while wingman and I exchange wtfs. Some more time passes and he approaches again, this time holding what looks like a whisky and coke and says "I bought you a drink, I hope you like it." At this point I have lost my patience and tell him in a slightly harsher (and perhaps drunker) tone that I don't want his drink, my no is not up for negotiation and he's creeping me out. This time the creepy guy doesn't just skulk away, his face contorts into pure rage, like clenched bared teeth and red faced rage, but he says nothing. I must have raised my voice because a bouncer quickly comes over, puts his hand on the guys shoulder and guides him away. I hear him muttering things like "Bitch, whore" under his breath as he's lead away. Although the bouncer has taken him to the other side of the pub I can tell by the body language he's asking the guy to leave. He downs the drink he bought for me in one gulp and walks out.

After maybe another half an hour it's time for us to go. Things went well for my friend and she exchanged numbers with the guy she was chatting to. Our place is a short free bus ride away in the next suburb so we amble off to the stop, just around the corner from the pub. We plonk down on the bench and I look over her shoulder...there he is, creepy guy leaning against a wall, staring right at me. He doesn't look away this time, he holds eye contact and he starts to look angry again. The bus pulls up and we get on as quick as we can and run to the back. Unfortunately he has the same idea but he sits at the middle of the bus, turned around in his seat just openly staring and gradually looking angrier. It's just us on the bus. My housemate and I are freaked out, we try to look away and ignore him so as not to provoke him. We decide to get off the bus a couple stops early to avoid this guy knowing where we live. Fortunately he doesn't follow us but that wasn't the last I would see of creepy military man.

The stop we got off at was out the front of a couple corner restaurants, a bottle shop and a corner store, the kind if place that is a hub for locals. and always busy. On random days I would walk down there to get some takeaway or a bottle of milk and see him sitting at the stop, still in that weird uniform, never getting on the bus if it went past. Before all this happened I'd never seen this guy in the area before, he was definitely no local. My housemates and friends would tell me whether my 'friend' was at the stop again or if I was free to go get myself some delicious delicious takeaway. This happened for months. My friends also spotted him several more times in the pub where we met, usually standing in the same corner and not speaking to anyone. I never went back to that pub.

After a while I started dating someone, a pretty cool guy who was a busker around that area. My housemate came home and told me the coast was clear if I wanted to pop down to the corner and get something, so the beau and I head off to pick up a bottle of wine and some snacks. When we get there the guy was sitting at the stop. We spot him, he spots us and we freeze. His eyes darted backwards and forwards between my boyfriend and I, we were holding hands so it was pretty obvious we were together. He stands up and says "Just like the others," turns around and walks off down the hill.

I never saw him after that, but my boyfriend did for a couple weeks while he was out busking. Creepy guy would usually just stare at him with an angry expression and walk past, but sometimes he would drop things in the guitar case he had out to collect money. Random things like bottle caps and used bus tickets. Once a piece of paper with the word 'shit' written on it. The last time he ever saw him he just spat in it, then nobody I know ever saw him again.

Since this happened I've moved to another city so I don't fear the creepy dude anymore, but being approached by a man in uniform still puts me on edge.

Road Rage

This experience happened to my dad and mum several years ago when going on a bike ride. A little insight: my dad is a competitive cyclist who is in crazy shape and loves going on long distance bike rides, he almost qualified for Tour de France when he was younger. My mother used to compete but now she does it recreationally. One summer they took a bike ride to Quebec from New Hampshire to visit some of my relatives (we're French Canadian) while I stayed with my grandmother, since I was really little at the time.

They were biking on a quiet road a couple miles toward the border when a giant-red pick up truck began to follow my dad closely (since he had gotten ahead of my mum). The truck then started to swerve back and forth toward my dad, trying to run him off the road. Since my dad has dealt with road rage from people, he tried warding the truck away by shaking his fist and yelling for him to back off. Most of the time this would work for my dad, but this was much different.

The red truck speeds up around my dad and then pulls over to the side of the road. My dad then yelled to him asking what his deal was, when suddenly an old man steps out of the car, reaches in his truck bed, and pulls out a rifle and points it at my dad. My dad is in shock and at a loss of words when suddenly my mother creeps up around the corner within seeing distance. As the man see's my mum, his expression turns from pissed to surprised as he drops his gun back in the truck bed and floors it toward the border. If it hadn't been for my mother in plain view of him, who knows what this senile old man would have done to my dad. My mother's not really an intimidating person at all, and I still wonder to this day why he drove off after she appeared. It's scary to think that somewhere as pristine and quiet as Northern New Hampshire can be the home to some really fucked up individuals. Ever since this incident occurred, my parents have always told me to avoid this particular route when driving to Quebec by myself, instead I go through the route of a nearby neighboring state.

The Easter Bunny Cometh

So I know I said I had never had anything happen that wasn't really creep-worthy. However, I had dinner with my dad recently, and he reminded me of this story.

We were relatively new to the neighborhood at this time-- having only lived there for a few months. We were getting to know people on the street, but we weren't super close with any particular family. I was 12 or so at the time, and my brother was 4. Now this happened on early Easter Sunday morning. This is important.

My room had a huge window right next to my bed, so my dog loved sleeping with me. He was a very docile dog, rarely ever barking or making a fuss. I woke up that morning very early in the morning to him growling. I looked out the window, and didn't see anything, so I assumed all was well and tried to go back to sleep. My dog, however, kept growling louder until he was finally barking like a maniac. Like big "fuck you" barks. That's when I realized there were two men in my driveway, climbing up the front stairs to our doorway wearing all black.

My father came barreling into my room, and screamed at these guys through my window to get the fuck off his property, and asking them who the fuck they thought they were creeping around our house so early in the morning. One of them responded and my dad couldn't really hear them. He yelled at them again, and finally he understood what he was saying.
"It's Sam and Joe! We're being the Easter Bunny!" Sam and Joe were a father and son from down the street who liked to put flour bunny-prints on people's driveways and front walks, leading to a basket of candy at the doorway for any children in the home. They didn't inform us they were going to be skulking around our house early in the morning, which thus lead to my dog flipping out. They did it every year I lived there, although I think they stopped once my brother turned 13. They are a really great family, and my dog never barked again. Just... holy hell. A little forewarning would have been nice.

They Aren't All Bad, but These Two Were.

It was early 2009, I was living in a city going to university for mental health related stuff, living, working and doing a practicum in the downtown core. My parents had come for a visit, and were staying in a hotel. My mom and I had decided to go to a movie, my dad opted to stay behind and watch a hockey game on tv. It would have been fairly early, I think the movie started at 5:30 and it was a weeknight.

So off we go, only a few blocks from my place but it's winter so we decide to drive. Right beside the entrance to the mall where the movie theater was, there was a 4 level parkaid, we parked on the 3rd floor, went down in the stairwell and entered the mall. There was also an elevator option beside the stairs.

I don't even remember what movie we saw, but it ended and we made our way out of the theater and down the escalators to the main floor. Most of the other people had wandered off into other parts of the mall and my mom and I were basically alone riding down. As we approach the bottom, we see two presumably homeless people, they approach us as we're getting off the escalator and ask us for any change. We politely decline, both stating we had used debit cards (which was the truth.. at this point I was working very closely with the city's homeless population and had a lot of sympathy and good report with many). They aren't all bad but these two were.

Generally, that would be the end of the interaction, but I guess these two men had a different agenda. As we're approaching the doors, one of the guys says something like "yah, okay. liars!" We quickly walked out of the mall, intending to head back into the parkaid and nope out of there. We hear the door behind us, I look at it's the two guys and they're like, staring us down.. following us and generally muttering under their breath. They're really not far behind and I just look at my mom and I'm like, GO! As soon as we book it for the little foyer in the elevator area they're running after us.

We're in the foyer and I'm pressing the elevator button like crazy, it seems like it's taking for-freaking-ever and my mom goes, let's take the stairs! I tell her hell no, I had noticed when we went in earlier there were no cameras in the stairwell. Just then, I see the guy through the glass foyer door and he's slipped on ice, and is now trying to get in. The elevator arrives, opens and we get in JUST as angry panhandler gets in the foyer. I'm screaming for my mom to hit a floor button - any one, just get this fucking thing moving! He reaches for the elevator door just as it closes, I literally see his gloved hand damn near squished.

So in our blind panic, my mom had hit the button for floor #2 (rather than 3 where the car was parked) but this ended up saving our bacon, I think! So we reach floor #2 and we're full of adreneline, and ready to make a run for the car. It's 4 levels of spiraling cars, so we just start running up hill, searching for the car.

It seems like forever but it was probably only a minute or so until we find it, get in and lock the effing doors. My mom BURSTS into tears.. nothing like this has ever happened to her before. She is hyperventilating and I'm trying to calm her down. She eventually catches her breath and we begin driving out of the parkaid, and as we're passing the 3rd floor stair well entry/exit we see the other guy (not the one who chased us into the elevator but his counterpart) heading into the stairwell. That was the cherry on top.

So we get down to the part where you pay for your parking and my mom tells the attendant that there are two men in the parkaid area who are chasing people and causing trouble. The attendant's first language is not english, and he just keeps saying "I am not knowing, I am not knowing". We just pay, drive out, and see the first guy walking down the street, visibly pissed off and alone.

We get back to the hotel, call the cops, give descriptions and all that, and that was pretty much it. Never heard anything more. The worst of it was, we were two grown women, I would hate to think what might have happened if instead of us, it was two young people.


I managed an art supply shop for a while, and while there, got to know one of my customers, Gregory.

He was a large man in every sense of the word. He towered over the rest of the customers, had wide shoulders, and while he wasn't in shape, he still had hands like bowling balls. Gregory worked as a city bus driver, but was planning to start a company in some South American country, and was coming to learn more about some crafts so that he could take supplies and know how with him.
For this, Gregory would come to classes. Usually, he would be alone, sometimes he would bring his wife, a gorgeous woman also from South America. I thought they were a nice couple, friendly, and thought nothing more of it.

Then, one day, Gregory comes in the store. My employee on duty is busy behind the counter, and Gregory asks my help looking at books. Our book section was in the back corner, the only section of the store, I might add, not visible from the front desk.

I walk back and turn to ask him what he was looking for and he pins me to the wall. Again, this is a BIG man. He professes his love for me and tells me that he would leave his wife for me if I said so, and that he would THAT NIGHT fly us both to South America to "save me" from being here.
I bluster off the whole thing and somehow get away, and Gregory leaves the store.
A few days later I am working at the front desk, which was near the window, and heard some commotion outside. A city bus was sitting there. Now we were on the bus route, but there was no reason for a bus to stop outside. Puzzled, I glance at the driver. It's Gregory. He sees me looking and drives quickly off.

Over the next few days, I'd see the same bus slow down outside. Looking up the bus route, he was actually taking it a few blocks outside his run to do this, bringing his unwilling passengers along for the ride.

The next week, I am training a new employee. We are solo in the store, when in walks Gregory, looking like hell. I see him and, not thinking, run out the back door, leaving a brand spanking new employee there, confused and solo. I walk down to a thrift shop nearby and ask to hide in their back room for fifteen minutes, then call the shop. My employee, sounding lost and panicked, says that Gregory left. When I get back, he's left a message for me. He was fired from his job and his wife left him. This meant there was nothing holding us apart.

Soon afterwards, Gregory took to just sitting outside the shop in his car, staring in the window at me. He'd be there sometimes at close, and I started making sure I was never going out to my car alone. One night, my staff had all left and I looked out to see Gregory outside. Panicked, I asked a frequent customer to please stay, that my stalker was outside.

Said customer was in to buy tattoo supplies. He was a member of a bike gang and an overall sweet guy. I told him the whole story, and concerned he walked me out to my car that night. Then he told me that the next time Gregory was outside, I was to give him a call.
That weekend, I looked out to see Gregory staring in at me from my car. I got on the cell phone and called my biker friend. A half hour passes, then suddenly there's the roar of engines outside. Easily twenty motorcycles come pulling up, surrounding this guys car. Someone yanks open his door and I see heated words. Gregory is talking animatedly with his hands, no one looks happy. A second later, he tries to back up and everyone is back on their motorcyles, following him down the street.
An hour later my biker friend comes in and says that I shouldn't expect any more trouble from him. I baked him a few dozen cookies the next week as a thank you. Which, rough and tough image aside, no one says no to homemade cookies.

Bashing the Bishop

When the weather is decent, I sometimes like to walk around my town and the neighboring areas. I like to explore the little side streets that I'd otherwise never have a reason to drive down, and I need any excuse I can to get some sun and exercise. One Sunday afternoon several years ago, my wife was working and I had a few hours to kill before I had to pick her up, so I went hiking and ended up not far from Brandeis University, at a street called Norumbega Road. I sort of knew where it went, and decided to follow it and make a loop back to my house, rather than the more boring option of turning back and retracing my steps. It's a little more developed today, but at the time Norumbega Road was reasonably isolated, winding through some woods along the Charles River. It's also a horrible road for walking, as it has no sidewalks and guardrails on both sides prevent you from walking on the shoulder, so you're pretty much in the road with the occasional car whizzing past you.

When I got to the other end of the road, I realized that my loop was going to be way farther and take way longer than I intended, so I decided to turn around and retrace my steps after all. Just as I was starting back, new-ish, beige, Mercedes SL with New York tags passes in the same direction I'm heading, swings wide around me and disappears around the corner. As I round the corner, there's the Mercedes up ahead, idling by the side of the road. Immediately, I know that no good can come of this. I briefly consider turning around again and beating a retreat, but the thought of trying to explain to my wife that I'm late picking her up because I was afraid of a little beige Mercedes makes me keep walking.

As I approach the car, it occurs to me that I have no cell phone, and nobody on earth knows where I am. If something happens, I'll be nothing more than a missing persons report, filed away in a police station somewhere. I keep walking anyway, ready to run, or fight, or just fall over and play dead as the situation warrants. As I pass the driver's side, I peek out of the corner of my eye, avoiding eye contact at all cost. I see an older, white-haired guy, and he seems to be fiddling with a manual gearshift. Then my brain accepts the reality of what I'm seeing: he's got his erect penis in his right hand, just bashing the bishop for all it's worth. I just shake my head and keep on moving.
I make it almost all the way back to the beginning of the road uneventfully, except for a light rain starting up, because that was just the kind of day I was having. Then I hear a car, and turn to see the Mercedes coming down the road. All I can think is, "Now what?" He passes me, makes a U-turn at the intersection, and pulls over, facing me on the opposite side of the road, maybe 50 yards away. I can't really see much in the car from the glare on the windows, but I just keep on walking and staring him down. I feel like if I falter or show any fear, I'm a goner. I was just about to try pulling my iPod Touch out of my pocket and pretending to make a call on it, when he pulls out and takes off back the way he came, never to be seen again.

I wish I'd had a cell with me, or a camera, or had at least thought to remember his tag number. As it was, I didn't bother calling the cops. It was too long before I was able to get to a phone, and I didn't have any information more specific than an old guy in a Mercedes with out-of-state tags. Needless to say, I tend to stick to more populated areas when I walk these days.

Why You Shouldn't Live in Baltimore

I never really felt intimidated running around Baltimore but flash forward a few years to now, after living in several different neighborhoods in Baltimore, I realize how naive I really was. And how bad this could have turned out.

I had my 22nd birthday at a friend's house in the city. After a while, the group had walked a few blocks to another party and around 2am, I started my inebriated walk back to the original house for my car. For reference, I'm 5 feet tall and probably 100 lbs at the time.. small white girl. I did have a guy friend with me but he wasn't much bigger than me and completely unfamiliar with the city (which I didn't know). After a while, I realize he's been following me while I've been thinking I was following him and we've basically just been wandering.

We come to a neighborhood and decide to just keep walking and hope to see someone to ask for directions. So, we do come across a girl sitting outside and ask her if she can point us back to North avenue. She says she's not from Baltimore, just visiting but she hints that we should probably make out way out of there as fast as possible. As we are walking, there's two guys and a lady across the street. They're hollering obscenities at us but we try to pay no mind and keep going. A few minutes later, we realize we need to turn around and go back the way we come.

Past the people yelling.

As we are coming up the block, I notice the two dudes stand up and start walking across the street. They are HUGE. Like linebackers. My male friend starts walking pretty quickly and just as we intersect the sidewalk with the linebackers, they cut in between my friend and I. Blocking my way. I politely ask them to move so I can pass. To this day, I don't recall anything they said, I just remember them laughing. Fear took over. One of the giants grabbed my waist, pulling me against him and groping me. I tried to squirm and wriggle out of his grasp, but the other giant was helping wrangle me in.

I just knew I was going to be dragged into a rowhouse and raped. My male friend was about a block or two away at this point, I guess fear set in for him and he must have froze up because he did not help. Ironically, he had been carrying my purse which was heavy with a bunch of loose cans of beer. And my pepper spray.

After what was probably just three minutes of being fondled and sure of my imminent death, the lady (most likely a hooker) ran over and grabbed my wrist, pulling me away from the two men. We took off down the street and she pointed us in the direction we needed to go. We did find the car and I made it home, safe.


I (24F) recently moved into an apartment in the city from my parent's suburban home. My whole life I have entered through a garage door using the keypad on the side of our house, so locking the front door behind me occasionally slips my mind since it never became habit. I learned pretty quickly to change that once a mystery figure entered one night this summer.

I'll explain the layout of my unit's entrance, because it is relevant. If you don't care, skip the following paragraph.

My roommate and I live in the basement unit below the main apartment building. Our windows overlook the alley way with the dumpsters, which is a local junkie hotspot to shoot up drugs/dumpster dive because it's quite secluded. There are often creeps back there doing gross stuff. Our unit's front door is behind a heavy locked main door that leads to the fire escape and other doors to other floors of the apartment (all of which remain locked), but the fire escape is easily accessed if you just climb on the fire escape. That said, so is our front door.

So one weekend evening this summer, I had a few friends over to drink before walking to the bars. One of them mentioned to me that a strange, hazy looking older dude had just waltzed into our hallway for a moment, looked around, and then exited out the heavy back door once someone said, "Uhhh, what's up dude? Are you lost?" We figured it was a drunk, directionally challenged guest who was looking for a way out, which I thought was odd because when using the fire escape, you're outside and can obviously tell which direction is the way out.

I woke up later that night around 4AM to my kitten and the Jack Russell mix puppy I was babysitting for the weekend wrestling around my bedroom and causing a rolly poly ruckus. I lay there awake for a good 10 minutes when suddenly I hear my door open. My roommate was elsewhere, and there I was all alone with a useless 7 month old puppy and 6 month old kitten.

I heard footsteps into my hallway. My bedroom door is wide open and there are bars on my windows, so I immediately realize I'm probably fucked on an exit strategy. They didn't seem lost because my unit looks way different from all the others and being in the wrong apartment would be obvious immediately. But then, the puppy starts snarling and barking from my bedroom. I'm probably lucky she stay in my room or else he could have figured out pretty quickly she wasn't a real threat. He closed the door behind him and I heard him leave out the heavy door in a rush.

I would have assumed it was an accident if my door wasn't all by itself on that floor, or had I heard activity on the fire escape prior to entrance. But they entered so quietly. The fact it happened twice in the same night implies to me someone knew it might be unlocked. Of all times to be babysitting a dog, thank god it was that time. And thank god I was awake and aware.

I'll never know, and quite frankly I don't want to. But that could have ended VERY badly. I remember to lock my door these days. Because holy shit.


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creppy as hell

All I'm going to say is creepy as hell. http://www.magibon.com/

Marble Hornets

Finally, a video called MarbleHornets.  This is just the introduction, go to youtube to find the rest.

Scay Caving Story

Have you ever heard of those crazy people who like go spelunking? They explore caves just to see what's there. Here is the creepiest splunking tale that I've ever run across. I feel like it might have been the inspiration for the movie, "The Decent".  Take my advice and read it at night with the lights off and when you're alone. It'll give you goosebumps, and that's a promise.

The Dionaea House

Follow this link and read the tail of the Dionaea House -- if you dare.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Baby to Defend

I was 21 and my hubby was overseas (military) so I went to stay with my parents for a summer while he was deployed. I had just had a baby (3 months).

My parents lived in a neighborhood where everyone knew eachother. My neighbors knew me so even though I left for college I was familiar with them all. Our houses had enough space bt them and big yards. And my parents house in particular had a back wall that was all glass (for the view). They were leaving for a week to go a funeral and since I just had a baby we stayed behind.
I put my baby down and did the usually nightly clean up. Then stayed up later then I usually do bc I was waiting for a call from the hubby and the like 14 hour time difference. I layed down waited and all of a sudden hear a creak. Like the creaking of a door being opened. I completely froze. I thought maybe the ac circulation shut a door (that happens sometimes) and waiting again. Then I heard it AGAIN!

I grabbed my phone and listened and heard panting. F*ing panting from someone like they were out of breath. I started freaking out. I myself can take an intruder on but with my newborn baby? My baby was sound asleep so I scooped him up and stuck him in his car seat carrier, tucked him in and stuck him in it.

I dialed 911 and called literally whispering from the floor. They dispatcher is trying to keep me calm on the line saying she knows the neighborhood and nothing ever happens in it usually bc it's such a safe area. During this I hear someone step on a branch (but sounds further away in the back yard) and curse. The dispatcher can hear me start crying now, quietly but I've gone from suspicious to confirming someone indeed opened the side door to the back yard and entered and preparing to defend myself with my baby present. There's no way in that house to get from my room to the garage or my car w/o crossing the wall of windows, allowing them to see me toting my baby.
I'm debating a last minute blitz and to just grab my son and take off running vs locking ourselves in the master and defending w/e attempts to enter when I finally hear sirens getting closer. The dispatcher tells me there will be a knock and it's the officers. I hear it and run. Look to confirm the officers and let them in. One officer stayed w me and my son while the other did a permitter search. He comes back in and says he didnt see anything. I'm livid bc they think I'm paranoid, I'm not about to stay there alone and I have no family in that town so I'm packing my things to leave and calling for a place to go. The officers watching my reaction and how I absolutely believe I'm not safe decide to switch and double check one more time.
He comes back chuckling saying 'they found my 2 neighbors in the backyard next door and they were looking for their cat just being dumb teenage boys. That they told them to go home, but that's probably what I heard.'

WE DON'T HAVE TEENAGE BOY NEIGHBORS. And none of y neighbors have a cat. One set were a retired couple and the other w 2 daughters. The officer at this point looks completely concerned. He says he will make sure they go home by walking them to their house, goes back out to look for them and comes back a little while later.
Surprise, they are no where to be found.

They filed a report and one of the officers stayed the rest of the night to make sure they didn't come back then we left the next day. I still have no idea who they were, but that they were found 'crouching in the neighboring yard' to this day terrifies me.


A Crazy Story from a Lunatic and A Scream on the End of the Line.

There are two major incidents that caused some serious fear in both me and my parents.

The first, I was still living at home (this was in 2009) and my parents were planning to go away for the weekend, they often did this during the summer months as we had a small place on the beach about 4 hours away, and as a 17 year old I liked to stay home and have the occasional party while they were away.

it was Friday afternoon and the front door was open, with just the screen door shut as the weather was quite warm. Next thing you know, a man in his 40's starts banging on the fly screen door screaming at me and my mum (my dad was still at work), yelling "A MAN'S GOT A KNIFE AND HE'S TRYING TO KILL ME, LET ME IN!!!!'

My mum starts running towards the door because the fly screen isn't locked and grabs the handle to hold it and she yells back at me to call the police.

She tells the man to get away from the door and that the police are coming.. I don't know why she didn't just slam the door shut.. It was weird because it was still daytime and there was a part of both of us who thought there might actually be a man after him, and it all just kind of happened at once.

He seemed really wild and then ran back on to the street out the front of the house, and then we quickly shut the door.

We peered through my bedroom window (looks straight onto the street) and after a couple of minutes the police arrived, put him in the car and knock on our door and told us he's known for having a mental disability and is often hallucinating things.

Needless to say my parents stayed home all weekend!

The second, happened last year. I was living across the country on my own (1000kms away) and I got a frantic phone call from my parents in the middle of the night. Dad was distraught asking if I was okay.. I was like, uhh yeah I'm fine, you actually woke me up! They then told me that someone had called the home phone and my parents obviously hadn't reached the phone in time since they were in bed.. but someone had left a message.. It was a blood curdling scream of a girl. Mum and Dad said they literally fell to the floor in horror then scrambled to phone me to make sure it wasn't me.

My parents never found out who left that message either. We just guessed it was some stupid sick prank call!

- Bella

Mugged at the Gas Sation

I almost ran out of gas and had to stop in a bad area in the middle of the night. The station was closed so it was credit card only. I stopped, got out to put my card in, and suddenly a man about 6 feet tall appeared in front of me.

He said something like he was stuck with his six year old daughter with no gas, could I give him some cash to help them out. The thing is, you could only pay with a card and it was obvious I was being robbed immediately. Within a minute another man got behind me, and I was just scared to death. I gave him my money, a little over 20 dollars.

The man took my keys, opened my console and said, "I will take your change too, thanks". Then he told me to fill up and leave before someone else came along. I was shaking as I pumped my gas and my new "friends" actually waited for me to finish, like they were looking out for me. They then told me the safest route to get back on the highway, I have a jeep and my top was down so I was pretty vulnerable.

I followed their advice because in a weird way I trusted them, I guess because they didn't hurt me. Strange I know.


Scary Assylums

The guys over at Stuff You Should Know have struck again with a creepy photo post of abandoned mental assylums. Check it out and then come back and share your true creepy stories.

Ever been followed home, someone break into your house while you were there? Been drugged, and woken up in a tub of ice missing your kidneys, or does your town have it's own abandoned buildings that give you the creeps? Share your stories here at Alone at Night Scary Stories.   

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Handcuff Basement

*Alone at Night Staff Note* {The following story and photos were first told to me by a friend over lunch one afternoon.  I had been in this basement before hearing this story, but I'm not sure if I'd go down there again. The scariest part about this story is that it let's your mind wonder and come to it's own frightening conclusions of what was happening in the handcuff basement. Now on to the story...}

I'm writing this now because it was around this time of year a few years ago that my husband bought the house we live in now. Being a first time home buyer, there are certain things one usually looks for. You make sure it has enough closet and storage space. You make sure you are comfortable with the size of the rooms. You check out the yard and make sure that it has the fence or landscaping you desire. There is a home inspection completed to ensure that the house is safe and everything works properly and is up to code. You ask questions like, "How old is this house"? "What are the property taxes"? etc. But for us, the question of "What might previously have happened in this house " never entered our minds. That is, until we actually moved in and explored the house more thoroughly.
The only real must have for the house was a basement. My husband wanted to be able to have a place to play his drums and set up an entertainment area. When we first looked at the house, we briefly saw the basement. We made sure it was spacious enough for our needs, but we didn't look at all of the nooks and crannies down there. It wasn't until he was actually moving in and setting up his drums in the basement that we saw some strange and creepy things.

The first thing we noticed was a metal track that ran across the length of the ceiling. Hanging from the track was a metal hook with a pair of handcuffs connected. We found it odd, but didn't want to think about what the previous owners did with their extra-curricular time. Upon further exploration, my husband discovered the writing on the pole. I was upstairs in the kitchen and I heard him exclaim in a disturbed tone of voice, "WTF happened down here? You gotta come down here and see this"! I hurried down the stairs to see him standing there spooked and white as a ghost. On the pole were the words, "Let me die". They looked like they had been scratched on the pole with a fingernail or a small sharp object. There were other similar phrases etched in various parts of the basement. In the little dark room where the hot water heater is at, were the words "help me" and "save me".
Now, we don't know what to think of the hook with the handcuffs and the eerie phrases scratched into random surfaces. I refuse to go to the basement unless there is someone home with me; and even then I get the heebie-jeebies.

The moral of the story is that there are some things you can't discover about a house until you move in. There are some questions that cannot be answered. If it wasn't an illegal activity that the previous tenants got busted for, there would be no record of what happened. But, you can learn from this story. If you buy a house with a basement or an attic, maybe pay a little more attention to the details before you make an offer and move in.
(there were handcuffs on here before we cut them off)

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Friday, October 11, 2013