Friday, May 17, 2013

Hitchhiking Games

My friends and I were heading back from the bar/bowling and pool place. Me and my friend, Dana, could only go in the bowling and pool part but our guy friend was over 21 and could go into the bar part. They didn't have curfews but I had to be home by midnight.

It was me, and Dana and Phillip. I thought I had enough time to.get home but it was ten minutes til twelve and I realized I was going to be late. So Dana decides we should hitch and starts sticking her thumb out. But Phillip looks kind of scruffy and she gets mad because she thinks he is the reason no one is stopping to pick us up. She starts jokingly pushing him away when a guy pulls up. He looks a little like a cholo but where we grew up, everyone does. He offers us a ride, and we decide to take it. So we get in and I give him directions to my house because it is the closest and my parents get pissed if I'm late.

He gets there like right at 11:59 and I get out quickly, and I can make a lot of noise to show my parents that I'm home. I was sitting in the middle of the backseat so Phillip had to get out to let me out. The guy giving us the ride gets upset that I'm leaving, but I ignore his protests and start hauling ass to get inside the house.

So I get home and say goodnight and I love you to my parents and thank God they decided not to kick my ass for being late-ish. The next day I call Dana and she told me the after I got out, the Guy didn't want to let guy to let Phillip back in. I guess there was something about the way she freaked out because the guy stopped and Phillip, who had been trying to run on the side of the car, got in. They gave him directions to Phillip's house and didn't bring up the fact that he basically tried to abduct Dana. Awkward! When they got to his house, Dana made sure to get out first.

That makes me wonder. It would have been so easy for him to just drive off with my friend. He obviously had the impulse to do just that. What made him stop? I hope that the guy never worked up the ability to do something worse. I hope he never comes across a girl hitching alone. But he's still out there...


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Poll

We have a new poll up. Where is the creepiest place to be alone at night? Vote now!

-Alone at Night Staff