Friday, April 12, 2013

An Incessant Knocking

One afternoon I was working at home, and my DH was away in another state, not due to return for another week. Anyways, I was on a call upstairs, when I heard very loud, incessant knocking and the doorbell being pressed non-stop. Well I have a large window upstairs that allows me to look down at the doorway to see who it is.

 Well what I see are a few things: (1.) the man at the door was wearing mirrored sunglasses and smiling from ear to ear. He was wearing ashy, mismatched, all black clothing (pitiful attempt at trying to look business-like), 2.) there was a dusty, dark grey van (partially tinted windows and no company logos) with at least 4 other individuals inside. It wasn't parked in our long driveway, but down the street, between my house and the neighbors. Not only that, but the street has only one entry/exit point. The van was facing toward the street. (3.) When I went downstairs, there was another individual walking away from my backyard gate (he most likely saw my two pits barking their asses off). Another reason why this was extremely unnerving is that even though we live in a practically no crime area (and in a brand new development), the counties that are further toward the city have had increased numbers of home invasions.

 I later read a few accounts, where the criminals have the same M.O. (knocking/ringing incessantly, until they can make sure no one is home during that time of day). Of course I didn't answer the door and ended up calling 911 after dialing my husband. Later, my neighbors who were home (or had cars in their driveway) said they didn't get the knocking. The ones that didn't have cars in their driveway, did. Hindsight, I realize I called him first because, even though I knew something wasn't right, I wasn't sure it was a 911 dialable offense. It was. The police were quick to respond, they patrolled the area for a few weeks afterward. And those fools never came back. Now I have an alarm system, and a few weapons.

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