Friday, March 1, 2013

Hi my name is Trent and I'm going to tell an old cautionary tale that scared the hell of out me when I was a kid. Although I have no evidence if this story is true it is still something that anyone could relate to or even learn from. It was 1998 and I was at my Aunt's house near the city for the school holidays. My Aunt's friend Ruth was over for lunch and I always loved when she would come over because she would tell me stories of when she was my age back in the day. But this day she told me a story that had happened to her that changed her life forever. When she was around 16, she had left school and taken up work at a clothing store. Every morning at 8 she would leave the home she shared with her parents and walk the 20 minutes it would take her to get to work. On the way she would pass a kind old man sitting at a bench. He would always be sitting at that exact bench every morning. He would smile at Ruth and say hello. Ruth would smile back and continue on her walk to work. One day Ruth slept in. I was around 8:30 when she asked her father to call the store and tell them she'd be late. When the father called and told her boss, Ruth's boss went silent and asked "Who is this really?"
Ruth's father explained again. This time Ruth's boss sounded angry and said "If you don't stop playing games I'm going to call the authorities!"
Ruth's father also got angry and once again tried to explain. Ruth's boss then yelled "If your Ruth's father then who's the guy who called me an hour ago telling me Ruth was sick and was staying home today?"
Ruth's father was confused. He hung up the phone and told Ruth about what her boss had said to her. A little while later Ruth's father decided to drop his daughter in to work and have a talk with her boss. When he did the boss apologized and came to the conclusion that he must of been mistaken. Now I'm not sure how my Aunty knew this or if the same odd thing happened to someone else but apparently they found out who had called in for Ruth before her father did. You see Ruth had always followed the same route to get to the store. And the person who knew this was the old man sitting on the bench every morning. And on that strange day, the man was seen sitting on the bench waiting for Ruth to pass him by, while holding a long piece of rope. According to Ruth he was planning to tie her up and kidnap her for whatever reason and had called the store pretending to be the father and telling them she was sick so that they wouldn't think otherwise when she never showed up. I guess what I learned from this story is to always change your routines because you never know who could be watching.