Friday, February 8, 2013

Clowns and Premonitions

           Back in 2000, we were all living in the pre-bush era, so there weren't many reasons for humans to be afraid of anything, at least not til a few years later. As for me, I've always been a bit of a weird kid and have always been the crazy one in social groups who gets those 'weird gut feelings' about certain things, although usually, I'm pretty on point with my predictions. 

          It was the summer of 2000. My oldest brother, who was 14, loved taking me with him around town on his adventures (usually shopping for clothes, magazines or CDs, which were popular at the time). Since he was not quite old enough to drive, my mom was always the one driving us around. One day my brother decided to get red highlights in his hair at a local salon. The place was clean but like always, I wasn't feeling too good about the lady doing the highlights. It was either her manner or something about her that wasn't right. 

        Either way, my crazy bro got his bright red tips and paid the lady. We walked out of the salon, and called my mom to pick us up. On our way home, a weird song came on the radio, 'one night in bangkok,' by murray head. Being a 90s kid, I'd never heard this song before so I became a bit paranoid in the backseat. My family is spiritual and conservative, therefore I hated the message this song contained, the line that says, 'I can feel the devil walking next to me.' For some reason I got chills listening to this song. 

        As our car drove thru the suburban streets of Atlanta in the July heat, I was thankful that the windows of the car were tinted. The suns rays were sure hitting hard that day. Down the road which lead to our house, there was a Dairy Queen restaurant. Since traffic was beginning to pile up near the overpass further down the road, we were moving rather slowly. As we approached the Dairy Queen, I noticed a clown on the side of the road, waving and holding a sign for the Dairy Queen. The clown had freakishly bright red hair and tons of makeup. He also had very hollow looking eyes, which made him seem much scarier. He resembled the 60s Bozo the Clown character. 

        Now, I have to say that the windows on my moms car were tinted quite dark, therefore it was quite impossible to see thru them, even with the sun beaming down. As we passed by the Dairy Queen, I tried my best not to look at this clown from the backseat. I was so freaked out that I didn't wanna look at it in the least. But as we got closer I couldn't help but notice that this clown was looking into the car and towards the backseat; he was looking at me! I was so freaked out and hoped no one else would notice but even my brother commented about it. I kept looking away and finally we were past the clown. But as I looked out the back window, I saw the clown still staring at our car with a creepy blank look on his face. And he wouldn't stop staring, not even as our car drove further away! 

        I felt good when we were finally home because I knew I was safe, but that same night my brother got a massive fungus on his scalp. Apparently the woman who did his highlights used dirty tools which gave my brother a nasty infection that had to be treated with medication. I then remembered my gut feeling at the salon. The murray head song. And the clown. Did all of this have some sort of correlation? Til this day, I still feel that something was there. Something very evil. Perhaps unexplained.