Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Pranksters

So on fridays evenings everyone is out of the house and it's left to just me and my mum where we sort of make a tradition of watching movies together. 

So we had spent the evening catching up on The Walking Dead and its about 10pm when the phone starts ringing. My mum goes to answer it and I listen in and shes's asking who it is, what they want things like that. 

She hangs up the phone and I can see shes a bit freaked and she goes straight to the window in our living room, looking outside, it's dark but thes a street light right outside out house. She then tells me that whoever was on the phone said that they were outside our house, watching us and that they wanted to come in. 

I'm fairly nervous at this point and I join her looking out the window and of course theres no one there. I go around locking all the doors, shutting the blinds and everything just in case but for the rest of the night nothing happened. 

So yeah, it was kind of freaky, just what they said to my mum and that we were alone watching something horror related but I know it was a prank after because what my mum didnt tell me at the time was that she could hear people laughing and giggling in the background. So, yeah, good job pranksters. You got us.


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