Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Scary Movies

Hey, loyal Alone at Nighters. Hope you're all staying safe and loving life. We're a little low on stories at the moment, so we thought we'd change things up a little bit and ask you to share your favorite scary movies. Here is a small list of ours.

The Shining: a Stephen King classic with terrific directing and acting.
Paranormal Activity: The first one. Starts slow but gathers speed like a runaway freight train.
Session 9:  A little known film about about an Asbestos cleaning crew working in an abandoned mental hospital (cliche, I know, but it doesn't detract from the film).
28 Days Later:  Brought fast zombies into the mainstream. That shot of the protagonist walking through the abandoned streets of London is a classic!
Shaun of the Dead:  Not very frightening, but Pegg is the kind of actor you can immagine being best friends with.

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