Monday, November 5, 2012


Myself and two friends, N & G lets call them, were 14 and N's sister R was with us who was 11 at the time. We'd been shopping in town and were going back to N & R house for the afternoon; to get to their house you had to walk out of town down to the train station, cross the station/tracks and essentially walk through the "bad part of town". The place they had moved to not long ago was known as a rough area and they moved closer to me just 3 years later. So this Saturday we had just crossed past the train station and we're entering the rough area, we talking and laughing, just generally having a good time when suddenly R walks closer to us and says some guy is following us. We turn to look and a good few feet away is this rough looking guy, maybe in his 40's, walking behind us with this dirty coat on and a baseball cap and his head low. Straight away he gave me a creepy feeling buy I didn't want to scare R so I said it was probably nothing but a few minuets later he was till following us and R was starting to get a bit scared now.

I noticed the street we were walking down had this small car park coming up to our left side which was for a little pub we'd be passing just before it. So I leaned towards R & my friends and said that when we came to the car park to just suddenly cut into and across the car park to see if he followed or not. They agreed and when we approached we quickly cut to the left and started walking across the car park; I look behind me and there the guy is following us. Everyone else noticed and R started getting upset, we saw a alley coming up and we looked at each other and I nodded, we looked behind us and noticed he seemed to be quicken his pace so I yelled RUN and we took off towards and down the alley way. We were running as fast as our legs could carry us and we could hear him behind us although we had a bit of a head start on him, it was a very windy alley and as we'd come to the end of one part he would be at the start of it. R started to get a stich and she stopped running an was crying, saying she couldn't run anymore so my friends and I picked her up and helped her run and at this point now he was really close behind us. Eventually we saw the end of the alley and it opened out to a street just a street away from their house so as soon as we got out we just kept running until we got to a corner shop around the corner from their house. We turned around and waited but there was no sign of the man, it looked like we'd lost him.

We went into the shop and got some sweets just to see if he appeared as we didn't want him following us back to N & R house but there was still no sign of him so after making our purchase we quickly made our way back to their house. We told her parents what had happened and they told us we were never to walk back from town to their house again and to ring their father and he'd pick us up. We then proceeded to watch movies, go over what we bought and play with their dogs but I still think about that day sometimes and think how lucky we were. That guy could have been anyone and could have done anything to us!

C. Morgan

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