Monday, August 6, 2012

{This story was a submission by Kent. Thanks, Kent. Don't forget, folks, that it's your submissions that make this site run! We haven't had nearly as much time to find stories, so it's all the more important that you submit your scary stories!}

 This happened when me and my girlfriend were staying at a hotel in the city of Melbourne, which is in Australia.

 We had gone there for a few days and we were coming home on the 31st of October - Halloween. I know pretty scary already. Well anyway on the last night I woke up in the hotel room to a buzzing sound. Almost like a mosquito. I opened my eyes and couldn't see anything. So I closed my eyes and tried to forget it. And when I did it started again.

 I opened my eyes and this huge moth like bug flew towards my head from the top of the hotel room window. I immediately ducked under the covers to avoid it hitting me. I then looked around expecting it to be on the wall behind me but there was nothing.

 In the morning I checked all the windows and cupboards trying to find this weird bug but found nothing. Freakiest thing of all is when I told my girlfriend she told me that on that same night she heard noises coming from the bathroom and something knocking over next to her. Thinking it was me she just ignored it. Then in the morning she told me a wine glass that was sitting on her bedside table was lying a few feet away on the floor. I didn't go to the bathroom or even leave the bed that night since my bug episode. So we just tried to forget about and left that morning. What a way to start Halloween.

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