Monday, April 2, 2012

Eat Shit and Die

A few years back when I was 11, (I am 18 now), I used to attend my older brother's soccer practices near a very deep and thick forest. There were no bathrooms around, and one time I had to take a shit, so I quickly ran behind some bushes a little ways into the woods, out of sight of my father.

I do my thing, and start to make my way back after stopping to look at a squirrel. I hear a disturbing screech and turn around to see a young man dressed in black with dark stains around his mouth and on his hands. He screamed again and made threatening motions. I sprinted as fast I could out of there, yelling for my father and brother or anyone.

I made it out safely, but after I left I realised the stuff on his hands and around his mouth was my excrement.


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