Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sleep Won't Come

Last Christmas, my parents were visiting me and at about 3 in the morning I hear this bloodcurdling shriek. I jumped out of bed and saw a man outside my back door. I realized that some men were trying to break in so I opened and shut the window real quick to set the alarm off. Luckily my husband had his cell phone next to our bed so he called 911.

While he was calling I started yelling for my parents to run to our bedroom. As I was yelling to them there was a loud gunshot and my mom stopped screaming. At this point I thought that they had gotten into the house and shot my mom. I started to run to their room but my husband stopped me (I was holding our 1 year old son). We didn't know what to do.

We thought that they had gotten into our house and there was still a man standing at our only exit. Finally I heard my mom yelling my name and her and my dad ran to our bedroom. They were fine, there was a man that had been crawling through their window but had jumped back out when the alarm went off. The police finally got there and as we walked around the house and saw that the man standing at my back door had shot through the door with a shotgun. The wall facing the door was full of holes from the pellets.

Luckily, we were all ok but I didn't sleep well for months after. Sometimes I still wake up in a panic.

A few weeks after this happened my husband was away on business. My son was sleeping with me again and at about 1 in the morning I heard a loud crash and the alarm went off. I thought the men had come back and shot through the door again. I locked myself in the bathroom with my son and called 911. When the police arrived we walked around the house and couldn't figure out what happened. Finally we saw that a shelf had collapsed in the kitchen and all the dishes had broken, setting of the alarm. These days I try to sleep, but sleep won't come.

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