Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Subway Creeper

I live in NYC and work the graveyard shift. I get out about 4-5am every night. So I'm on the subway and I jump on the 1 train and there is this guy sitting alone with a fedora and a trench coat. we're the only two in the car.

I look at him right before I step on and we make eye contact. His eyes are bloodshot and crossed and I hesitate right before getting on and he notices clearly. I get on anyway and walk down to the complete opposite side of the car. I'm bigger than him (he's a small fat, pale white, middle aged bald guy) but he is just staring me down and hasn't taken his hands out of his pockets.

He has his eyes locked on me and it's making me uncomfortable so I just turn and start staring at him (thinking he might look away quickly). Instead, he stands up. I immediately stand up too and we are just standing at either end of the car looking at each other.

As we're pulling up to the next stop, I walk up to the door like I'm getting off. The car stops and the doors open (still no one in sight) and I jump off the train. He jumps off too. I wait for the Ding! the doors make before closing and jump back in right as they close. He doesn't make it. As the train starts to pull out this guy just stares me down through the glass. I waved goodbye with a big shit eating grin.

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