Friday, October 21, 2011

Chrisitans with Guns

My brother and his friends, went out to toilet paper one of their ex girlfriends, and were walking through the fields to get there (we live in rural michigan). They walked in front of this really creepy run down trailer, and once they passed it they heard people stirring in the house.

The people who occupied this house, thought their house was going to get messed up. so as a natural reaction to such a thing, all the guys in the house break out their shotguns, and hop in their truck, and combine and start to run down my brother and his friends.

The group gets split up, one trying to dodge the truck, and one trying to dodge the combine. The group my brother was in (the one getting chased by the combine) ended up hiding in a field laying in the beans, so the people couldn't see them.

The combine circled the field for an hour, using its spotlight to search for his brother and his friends, and the people driving took many pot shots at the field with their shotguns. Once they left my brother was able to get someone to come pick him and his friends up.
It ends up the people getting chased by the truck, were also shot at with shotguns but at much closer range. (thankfully no one was hurt).

Fast forward two years later, we see that same house on the news, it was the home base of the Hutaree (the possible domestic terrorist group who planned on killing cops, but were busted by the FBI in a crazy raid). Im sure all of you Americans saw it on the news.

I dont know why we never reported the whole incident to the police. My brother said the whole experience was pretty terrifying.

The Hutaree

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