Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Late Night Camp Visitor

Me and my friends had just finished exams to close out our junior year at CS: Northridge and decided to go camping in Yosemite (or thereabouts) before we all had to start summer jobs. There were seven of us, three girls and four guys, including me, my friend J, and her boyfriend D.

We took two cars with the guys in the lead car and us girl traveling behind. They pulled off into the first campsite they could find because it was getting dark and they wanted to set up tents in an area they could clearly see. We all hiked into a field near a pine forest and set up our tents before we fanned out to start finding kindling for a fire. J felt uneasy and decided to stay at camp while everyone else searched.

When we returned, J was agitated but not enough for us all to be concerned. We assumed she didn't like the location of the campsite or that she was having problems with D or that she just wasn't fond of camping. We built a fire and sang worship songs (they were all involved in local churches).

After singing and joking around we went to bed. The boys went in one tent and the three of us girls slept in the another. Sometime during the night our tent was unzipped and someone slipped in and crawled up parallel to J. I thought it was D trying to wake J and talk to her about something because I could feel her body moving like she was being shaken awake.

I told D that he couldn't be in here, and that if he needed to talk to J, he should do it in the morning. Her body stopped moving, and D slinked out. I quickly fell back asleep.

The next morning we all woke up, and made breakfast but realized J wasn't with us. We called to her but she didn't come out of the tent. I asked D what he said to her last night. D said that he told her that once they started hiking and exploring, she would enjoy camping. I responded, "'Why did you have to tell her that in the middle of the night?'" He cocked his head to the side like [our dog used to do when he was confused], and replied, "'No, I told her that at dinner. The only time I got up last night was to pee."

Skeptical, I went into the tent to ask J myself. She was on her left side facing the wall of the tent. I grabbed her shoulder and rolled her onto her back. Her sleeping bag was spongy and wet with blood. She had been stabbed in the chest several times. They still don't know who did it"

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