Monday, October 17, 2011

Creepy Bookstore

I was driving home from a cousin's graduation party, and I took a wondering route home through back-roads I had never been on.  On my way home I and came across a book store in a tiny town in the woods. The book store was actually a house, where the front of the home had been converted into a store. There was a box on the porch that said "50 cent books!" so I stopped to see if there were any Stephen King books in there.

As I'm in the shop, a middle aged woman comes out through a door with a huge smile, and gives me a bowl of fruit and some tea. I'm thinking to myself, "this place is awesome!" and rifle through books while eating the fruit and downing the tea.

Inside the store/home, there were a lot of cool art books and stuff, so I spent some more time in there. She brought me more tea. Even when I said, "no thank you, that's plenty," she kept refilling. Gave me dessert too - brownies and cookies.

I didn't realize it at the time, but she was drugging me. It's hazy to remember the details, but at some point, she closed the shop, telling me to take my time looking at the books. She told me that she was going to go take a shower, and was gone for a while. When I was ready to pay, I had to wander back through her house to find her.

I found her in her bedroom. She was in bed. I'm pretty sure she was naked. At the time, I thought "weird, she's watching an exercise video in bed?" but later realized she was watching porn.
You might think this is hot, but it isn't. She was my Mom's age, and had been telling me how she reminded me of her kids in college.

So... NOT hot.

I told her I was ready to pay, and she told me how to open the register, so I went and opened it, put in what I thought I owed, took out the change, and left.

When I stumbled outside, a fire engine drove by, screaming with sirens. In the distance was the glow of a big forest fire, and the stars were being covered by smoke. A tall man on a horse watched the fire truck pass. He looked right at me, took a piece of wood or something out of his mouth, and said, "town's burnin'."
I swear to God I have a crystal clear memory of this happening, even though I'm sure it couldn't have. By this point, I guess I was seriously tripping balls on something. I'm not a drug guy, so I don't know what I had, but I was out of my mind and could hardly walk.

I got back in my car, and drove home, stupid I know, but what could I do, along twisting roads on tall cliffs above the ocean. Twice I realized I was on the wrong side of the road. One of the times I realized this because a massive truck was headed straight for me, laying on the horn and flashing it's lights. I kept thinking about how my car could be like an airplane AND a submarine if I drove it off the cliff. I can't believe I made it home alive.
Later I realized I was in that house for about 4 hours looking at books.
At least that's what I hope to HELL I was doing.


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