Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Drugged in India

I was in India for work, staying at a fairly nice hotel. I don't do this often - I usually like to head straight to the room and order room service while watching a movie - but I decided to have a drink at the lobby bar.
I had a drink on my own, there was no one else around in the bar and I made small talk with the bar tender. I ordered another drink and decided to use the bathroom. I was gone a couple of minutes and when I got back I noticed that my drink (scotch and dry) had a cloudy white rim at the top which isn't normally there. On closer inspection, the cloudy froth was settling into a powdery residue on the side of the glass.

I asked the bar tender what was wrong with the drink and he at first acted like he didn't notice anything. I was suspicious now and kept at it until he acknowledged he saw something - I mean, it was obvious, there was this froth 2-3mm around the glass.

Then he said that it always happens and its nothing. I then looked him directly in his eyes and asked, did he put anything in my drink. It's hard to explain, but his response, though it was no, told me everything I needed to know. So I made out like I was more curious than anything, and asked him whether he would taste it. He said no and said he would pour me another. I declined and said I would drink it, but i just wanted him to tell me if it was off or not.

All this while, there was this awkward vibe where we both knew the jig was up but we were pretending like this wasn't happening. I paid up and left the drink where it was, locked and latched my door, the whole time picturing myself lying in a bath of ice, sans organs.

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