Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Don't Work at Gas Stations

I used to work graveyards at a Circle K in a northern CA college town. CA law states that no alcohol can be sold between 2-6 am. At about 2:45 am, a couple of guys come into the store, go to the cooler to grab a couple of 18 packs of shit-beer (Coors, Keystone...can't remember now). I tell the 'leader' of the duo that it's after 2, I can't sell the beer to him. As he starts getting irate, I offer him a free coffee, soda, candy bar, but I can't sell the beer. (Cops and management had been all over our asses for questionable sales) The leader gets the 1000-yard stare in his eyes and proceeds to start reaching for the small of his back, at which point his buddy says, "Stop, man. It's not worth it." The leader smiled at me and winked and said "See you soon..." and left.

Two days later I got fired for telling the regional dickhead that 2 people needed to be on at night(and a few other things) so my assistant manager had to cover my shift. That night he was robbed and had the shit knocked out of him by a guy that fit the description of the tool I'd dealt with a few nights before.

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