Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Brotherhood of Thieves

Many years back I was driving along rather late at night on a road near the hospital I was interning at, in a shady part of Detroit (back when the city was even more dangerous). There were only a few cars on the road at that time, and at that time I had been living there for only a few months so I did not knew about most of the dangers that were present in that city (people buying old cop cars and "pulling over" people and robbing them, people jacking cars that were stopped at red lights, etc).

Anyway, my damn car's tire suddenly gets wrecked and I manage to pull to the side of the road. It was late, in one of the many bad parts of town, but I did not really understand that at the time (I am not a native of the city) so I got out and get ready to change my tires (I was not a member of the AAA). I was working on the back tire that was shredded when suddenly another car pulled up and stopped right in front of my car. I assumed he was there to help me (stupid), so I got up to talk to him. The man in the other car got out, and proceeded to walk over and crouch near my front tire with some tools, and started to take the tire off.
I was rather confused at this, so I ask the man, "Hey, what are you doing?".

He stopped to turn to me, face completely serious, and said "You take the back tires and the radio, I'll take the front tires and the battery, fair."

I took me a moment to register that he was indeed stealing my tires, so I just blurt out without thinking, "This is my car".

The other guy stopped, stared at me for a few seconds, then picked up his tools, got in his car, and left. I finished changing the tires, and only a few minutes later did I realize how dangerous it was being alone by a car on a dark stretch of road in the bad part of town.

That does not mean it was not funny in retrospect, though.

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