Monday, August 15, 2011

The Blob

{Staff note: We at Alone at Night don't normally publish ghost stories. Frankly, we just don't believe in them, but since this submitter is a follower of the site and kind enough to write their story up, and because we haven't had many submissions lately, we're going to let this one slide. So, thanks to Aidan for submitting this one and for being a loyal Alone at Night follower.}

When I was in the 3rd grade my mother moved us into a decent sized new house. Although I got used to the move very quickly, I didn't like being downstairs alone. As soon as I would get to the bottom of the stairs the air would feel thick, like I was being watched. Now, in our house, our dining room was directly above our living room. In the dining room we had 4 metal chairs, that when they moved against our hardwood floors they made a very distinct and loud scraping sound. After a couple of months in the house, virtually every time we'd be in the living room watching TV, and only at night, we would hear the sound of our chairs being moved across the floor. And this wasn't a quiet little scrape here and there that could be our cats or something. This was a loud, nonstop, unmistakable movement for 5-10 minutes. The first time it happened we were freaked out and ran upstairs to see what was happening, but there wasn't a chair out of place. We went back downstairs and not a minute after we sat back down it started again. After a while it still weirded us out, but we'd just turn up the volume on the TV till it was done. The sounds eventually stopped after we began ignoring them.

But then we started seeing really weird things. Now, my kitchen was upstairs and parallel to the top of the stairs, which gave me a clear view of my front door. On this particular day it was sunny and bright, so I had my front door wide open to let some light and fresh air in. When I went into the kitchen to get a drink from my fridge I turned my head to look downstairs and saw a shadow standing in front of my door. Keep in mind this isn't someone outside casting a shadow or anything, this was just a floating black blob that was maybe 6 feet tall. As soon as I saw it I opened the fridge, took a deep breath, then shut the door and looked back down to see if it was still there, which it wasn't. I bolted to my room and pretty much counted down the minutes till my mom got home. It wasn't a surprise to her, though, since she'd seen the blob several times before.

(Last story, I promise!) A little while after this happened I had a friend sleep over. I hadn't told her anything about the hauntings since I didn't want to scare her, and she lived hours away so we had no one in common that could tell her about the ghost. But one night she went to my kitchen to grab something to eat. As she was leaving the kitchen she looked down the stairs and saw the huge black shadow floating on the landing. It definitely freaked her out good, I can say that for sure.

We told our neighbor about the strange things going on, and apparently an old lady had died in the house. Since then we've moved to a new home, which has had disturbances of the criminal kind instead of paranormal.


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