Friday, July 8, 2011

Scary Guys Beat Root Beer, Shotgun Beats Scary Guys

Reading all of these brought to mind something I dealt with quite some time ago...

I was staying at my aunt/uncles home, dog sitting (a black and tan coonhound named Rover, I joke not). Anyway, they had a U-shaped driveway inundated with bushy plants all over and a wood gated front patio area. I had been watching videos (way back when VHS was all we had) and decided I wanted a root beer, so I went out to the detached garage where the extra fridge was and took the dog with me. I grabbed a couple of cans and as I was going back in I heard "HEY!" right in the bushes near the inside of the gate, my heart stopped for a moment and I was seriously freaked. I grabbed the dog, dropped the cans of soda, ran into the house, slammed and locked the front door. I headed straight for their bedroom cause I knew my uncle had a shotgun so I grabbed it, knowing he kept it armed and went back to the front. I decided to look out the huge picture window at the front, to make sure whoever I heard wasn't at the front door before I opened it.
Of course, I think he saw the gun and took off cause by the time I opened the front door the front gate was open and it hadn't been when I looked out the window. I freaked worse cause I heard the sound of what was at least two people outside the gate in the bushes that bordered the neighbors house and yelled for the neighbor, an older man who was good friends with my uncle/aunt, he was also Vietnam Vet like my uncle so there was a bond. Well, he came out with a big handheld search lights, with his son next to him carrying a machete (no joke, again)...whoever these guys were they took off running, and I mean running.

The cops basically said they'd patrol throughout the night, I don't know if they did (this was in a town where the cops were decent), but I hope so. They couldn't look for anyone, cause I never saw anyone.

The dog barking during this whole ordeal, like a coonhound does.

He stayed by me that whole night, we found a padlock for the gate...putting it on without locking it, kept the outside light on and some of the inside lights on, and I doubt I let go of that gun until morning.

Told my aunt and uncle when they came home the next day and his only comment to my aunt was, "I was with you, I swear"...he plays twisted practical jokes to scare people.

Never did find out who they were.

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