Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Portugese Prowlers

This happen to me a few months’s probably not as creepy as your stories but for me it was the scariest thing that ever happen. It’s also not a knocking on door story but nevertheless it’s real…

So, I’m Portuguese and I live in Lisbon. To get the thrill and, I must say, very stupidly, me and my friends use to go to a place near Lisbon which is call Serra de Sintra. If you googled it you can see that it is a very beautiful place…during the day. At night it can be a very dark and creepy place full of mysticism and strange stories. This is just the context.

So, one night, me, my boyfriend, my sister and one of our male friends didn’t had anything to do, so we bought a few drinks, got in my boyfriend’s car and there we go.
To get to the place we usually parked, we have to drive a long, dark road in the middle of the woods, for about 20 minutes. Once we got there is pretty much chill out, have a couples of drinks and of course beware of all the creepy noises we hear.

So there we were, when suddenly a white van appears out of nowhere. This had happen once or twice before so, although it was a strange thing, it was not necessary to get out of there. Maybe they just wanted to ask for directions… But, in any case, my boyfriend gives me the bottle of wine and put himself in the position to drive off at any minute. But the van parks in a way that, if it moves a couple of feet, it could block our way out of there, since we had nothing but woods and trees behind us.

By that time, my sister and I were pretty much freaked out, because that was an insolated place and it was like one in the morning. What the hell was that van doing there, parked almost right in front of us?

When the van suddenly turn the headlights on again it was time to get the hell out of there. My boyfriend turns on the car just in time to run. We thought that was over but then, as we go into the dark, one way road, we see the van coming right behind us with it’s maxima headlights on and in full speed.
In this road, those who aren’t comfortable driving it need to go in a normal/slow speed because it’s a road full of tight bends not to mention the fact that it doesn’t have any lights. My boyfriend needed to drive this way, because the last thing we wanted was a car accident and like our male friend said, the car was our way out of there.

I was completely freaked out, my sister was almost screaming, and the guys were pretty much trying not to lose control. Since the road has only one way our biggest fear was this was some kind of trap, you know, like another car was waiting for us in the opposite direction, and if that was the case we were completely trapped there. That could eventually happen because we heard stories about creepy people in the woods of Sintra.

The van continues and after a while gives up and stayed behind.
Later, when we got to a safe place, we figured that was only someone trying to scares us, only playing a joke on us. In any case I swore never to go back to that place.

The funniest thing was that I had my video camera that night and I recorded the whole thing =)

Sorry for the long story and sorry for any mistakes in English…as I said, I’m Portuguese and my English is a little rusty =)

If you want to see the place on Google Earth here are the coordinates: 38.779961, -9.434356


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