Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Foot Rubs from a Freak in Dublin

Me and my bf were at a concert in Dublin the other night and we stayed in a lovely hotel, with the recession you can get them cheap so anyways we came back from the concert, Bryan Adams - epic!, and I had a good few scoops in me but my bf was sober as a judge cuz he was working the next morning. When we got back to the room I was dying for a fag after a while and was too lazy to walk all the way down and out the front door so I slid the window right up and stuck the head out for a smoke but forgot to close the window..dun dun dun only joking this is actually true :D Went to sleep anyways, himself was fast asleep already and I was half cut so forgot about the window.

 I woke a couple of hours later to go to the loo and while I was in there I could hear noises just noises could of been anything but not normal at that time of the morning so i ran back to the bed like a hot snot and shoved the boyfriend to wake him up. He turned around and said what are you waking me up for? and why the *beep* are you rubbimg my feet?

It wasn't me rubbing his feet nor was it me crawling around the floor of our hotel room it was some freak who had climbed through the window. Himself gets up and starts screaming like a madman, I rang reception and the Gardai were called, it's actually quite funny I had startled him the feckin' eejit by getting up so he had hid round the side of the bed and the stupid twat had put his hands on the bed to guide him round and was rubbing off the bf's feet other than that we would have been sleeping pretty none the wiser! He was out to rob but unless he was gonna sell the fillings out of my teeth he would have been sorely dissappointed!

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