Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A few Short Scary Stories

This happened to my friend's mother several years back when we were about 15-16. His folks had a nice house on a country road which was about half a mile from the main road. One night his mother is driving along this road which is really a track so you can't drive very fast down it. This guy steps right out in front of the car so she has to stop and she sees he his wearing a balaclava and pointing a gun at her.

She is frozen in fear and this guy jumps in the passenger seat and tells her to drive. He tells her not to look at him and keep her eyes on the road. When they get to the main road he makes her get out of the car and then drives off in the car. She is able to run into a nearby pub and raise the alarm.

The police reckoned they were targeted because they had nice cars (his mother had a white BMW). They also said it was unlikely the gun was real as it is not easy to get hold of handguns in the UK. She emerged unscathed but she must have thought it was game over when that guy jumped in the car.

One more...

I spent one year of college studying in France and my girlfriend over there had a series of alarming experiences. It started just before we started going out. She was walking across a parking lot one afternoon when it was raining and this car pulls up slowly alongside her. She ignores it and keeps walking realising there aren't many people around. The driver winds down his window and calls out to her and she sees that he isn't wearing anything below the waist. She runs off and he shouts at her that he'll see her again. She reported it to the police who were really good about the whole thing.

A few weeks after that she starts getting calls in her room at night where no-one speaks but she can hear someone is on the other end of the line. It happens a few times and kind of creeps her out. She's not easily shaken either. She just reasons it out that since the phone numbers are sequence by room, anyone can figure out which rooms have girls in and make a nuisance of themselves. None of the calls happen on nights I am there though.

The last event in the series was when we were seeing each other. We were in her room, which was on the ground floor and were up late talking. It's about 3 am so I am lying on her bed giving her a hug and she gets up to get a drink of water. She looks out of her window, freezes for a few seconds and then suddenly flattens herself against me and now I can feel she is shaken. I ask what's wrong and she says, "He was looking in, he was looking straight at me." Some guy was outside her window just standing there and looking in.

I took a look but whoever had been there was gone and it didn't seem a smart move to go out there and try and find him.

I asked her if it was the same guy who had exposed himself and she couldn't say definitely yes or definitely no. We don't even know that the three incidents were linked but she definitely had her share of scares that year.

Some douchebags just get their kicks out of scaring women I guess.

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