Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Child Abuse (Mama's Little Girl)

{Below is an intense story of abuse by a parent. Story may be disturbing to our more sensitive audience. - AAN staff note}

More terrifying than an insane stranger is when the person you're most afraid of is family.  The intimacy and inescapable bond of blood brings the terror to deeply personal levels that scary neighbors, ex boyfriends or strangers can not reach.  This is one of the more intense example of something that occurred constantly as I was growing up in the 80's. This is the story of my mom trying to kill me.
Ever since I was old enough to remember, my memories of my mother always involve pain and abuse, both physical and verbal.  She pushed me down the stairs, would torture me with water in the bathtub, and was all around emotionally abusive.  The worst part is that for many years no one else in my family believed me.
My family consisted of myself, my sister, and mom and dad.  From all outside appearances we were your average, happy, American family and I guess most of the time, most of us were.  The four of us attended church, my sister and even I managed good grades in school, and my dad had a steady job.  From outside no one would have suspected the horror I went through, not even those closest to me.
I'll tell you a couple examples of my childhood abuse; for several years when I was very young my mom would be the one to give me baths.  We didn't have a shower, so I took only baths.  My mom would make a game of holding me under the water while bathing me.  I can remember the shine in her eyes and the smile on her face as I struggled underneath her grip as the air left my little body.  Another time I was at the top of the stairs leading from the second flood to the first, and my mother came out of the bathroom, which was right next to the stairs, and the next thing I know I'm tumbling down the stairs head of heels.  I cracked my head on the television stand near the bottom of the steps, and I remember my mom claiming I was a klutz as she and dad took me to get stitches even though I know I was shoved.  These are just a couple examples of what was a decade long  life of torture.
On different occasions I tried telling both my sister and my dad about the sadistic actions of my mother.  My sister, only four years older than me, thought I was telling stories.  My dad thought maybe I was transferring abuse from somewhere else onto my mother.  He checked out teachers, and church officials, never willing to accept that it was his wife, my mother, inflicting such pain on me.
My family's attitude finally changed when my mom slipped up.   One afternoon, while my sister was at volleyball practice and my dad at work, I was doing homework in my bedroom.  Suddenly my mom burst into my room and grabbed me by the arm.  She said she wanted help ironing the clothes.  I knew what this meant as she had said this to me once before.  I struggled to get away from her, but I was still very young, around 7 or so, and my struggle just made her grip tighter.  She used the iron on my hand.  Later that evening my dad came home from work and saw the burns on my hand.  My mom explained that I was horsing around while she was ironing and that I knocked the iron onto my own hand.  Years later he would explain that this is the moment my dad began to become suspicious.  You see because of the earlier incident with the iron I have always been petrified of irons.  I wouldn't get anywhere near them and my dad knew this. 
Eventually  my dad and sister came to believe me, and the three of us left.  My dad, unable to provide any hard evidence to the police, thought it was best if we just get away from her.  He knew that if he filed for divorce that my mom would at least get some custody rights. So we ran. We lived on the move for the next several years.  Though we were unable to put down new roots, life for me was much better.  I knew that my sister and dad, however, weren't happy.  Finally, one year we decided to stay in a town.  My dad liked his job, and my sister and I had friends.  We didn't want to move anymore.  We figured it had been several years, and by now my mom must have stopped looking for us, if she ever did at all.  We were wrong.
I was 16 when my mom tried to kill me.  Walking home from school, I noticed right away that something was off when I arrived home.  At that moment I couldn't place what it was, but I would later realize that the sounds of the neighborhood were louder than normal and that it was because the backdoor to the house was open.  I set my backpack down, and walked to the refrigerator to get a pop.  I sat down at the kitchen table and saw the backdoor was open.  No one else would have been home at that time.  My sister would have been at class, at a local community college, and my dad would have been at work.  It could have been a number of things, a repairman my dad forget to tell me about, a burglar, or even I could have forgotten to shut the door before I left for school, but I knew it wasn't any of those things.  I knew it was my mother.
Still sitting at the kitchen table I didn't know what to do, call the cops, leave the house, or call my dad.  I didn't have time to consider my options because no sooner had I stood up then I hear my bedroom door open, and my mom walks through the living room toward me.  She's crying and saying how everything was my fault and it was always my fault.  Then she shoots me.
Six shots were fired, the police say, and the scars on my body say that three hit me.  In a miracle of luck the police were already on their way before I was shot.  My neighbor saw my mom break in to the house moments before I came home and had called the police.  They caught my mom and applied first aid until an ambulance arrived.  I don't remember any of this as I was thankfully unconscious after the second bullet hit me. 
My mom is in jail for attempted murder and isn't scheduled to get out for many more years.  My sister and my dad fully believe me and probably still feel horrible for not believing me when I was little..  I'm doing okay.  I'm married, but have no kids. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crazy Neighbor

I used to spend a lot of time sleeping on couches. I'm actually kind of proud of that fact.  I wandered around for a year or so, living out of my car, and seeing all the highlights of Texas one friend's couch at a time.  I was free as a bird and loved every moment of it.

The time finally came when I found the inclination to have direction and structure in my life.  I called a friend in the city I wanted to settle down in for a while and requested the use of his couch until I could find a job and get on my feet. Lucky for me, he was obliging, so I high-tailed my care-free self to a comfy black leather couch in a suburb north of Houston.

As I was drifting to sleep that first night, I realized my peaceful dreams had some noisy competition. Wind chimes. My parents had a small set of them on our porch when I was a little girl, so ordinarily this would have been a soothing sound. This particular clatter, however, eerily drifted from below my friend's upstairs apartment, and sounded like the soundtrack to a cinematic kidnapping scene.
I discovered, upon the return of daylight, that the elderly lady below us was an avid collector of wind chimes and birdhouses, all proudly displayed in cramped, disorderly fashion on her back porch. These were not just cute "tinkling" wind chimes. No, some of them sounded like trash cans on strings. Others had larger pipes that rang with gong-like brassiness, and still others were wooden or bamboo that "ticked" and "tocked" unrythmically as they struck each other. Nestled into this cacophony was a miniature ghost town of birdhouses. Once cute country cottages, barns, and tiny apartment buildings, they were all beginning to succumb to fading paint, collapsing roofs, and mildew from Houston's humidity.

I eventually got used to the accompaniment, and even the unsettling sight of the birds' neglected homes, but I never got used to the lady who stood outside with her collection and stared off into space. At first she would look like a statue.  I would think I could sneak by her and she might not notice me before I could run up the stairs to the safety of my temporary black leather couch. It never failed, though, that as soon as I had just barely squeezed past her, she would call out to me in a feeble voice the most bizarre things.
"The ducks don't like me anymore!" she said one day. The next it was, "Have you seen my friend? He was supposed to be here tomorrow, and I've been waiting!" That was just the beginning. She eventually came out her front door and introduced herself to me, loudly announcing her first name and "I am bi-polar, I just thought you should know." This became a daily ritual for me: walk past the creepy back porch, ignore her random outbursts, then again be loudly reminded of her name and that I should know she was bi-polar.
Three months later, I had become a pro at dodging her. The area was blessed with lush foliage I could duck behind and around on my mission to avoid her. When her usual bi-polar announcement started leading into the command that I should trust Jesus, I started tossing rocks and sticks away from me to divert her attention. My couch-lending friend made fun of me for having a "new friend" and made sarcastic gestures such as leaving a camo shirt and face paint on my couch to aid with my "covert ops" he said.

My final run in with the wind chime lady occurred about a month before I moved away from the black leather couch. I stepped out the front door to smoke a cigarette, and there she was. Standing at the bottom of our stairs, she had a nasty bruise on her face, was more disoriented than usual and was pacing back and forth calling out "Help me! I need an ambulance!"

"Are you okay? Did you fall down?" I asked.

"Help me! I need an ambulance!" was all she would say. So I called 911 and helped her get into her apartment to sit down. Now, if I thought the musical back porch was creepy, going inside and letting the 911 dispatcher talk me through searching the apartment for any medications the paramedics needed to know about was a trip through a haunted house. Jesus was everywhere. Big pictures. Little pictures. framed ones, posters, tapestries, coffee mugs, throw pillows... Jesus' eyes peered at me from every nook and cranny. Jesus with children. Jesus healing people. Jesus dying. And dying again. And... again. And Jesus weeping. Probably because he died. There were hymns playing on a small stereo in the corner, and because Mother Nature has a sense of humor, it was windy so the symphony of wind chimes kept picking up volume.
I helped her sit down at the dining table, while she repeatedly reminded me to tell the doctors she was bi-polar. All of a sudden she declared at her usual volume that she needed to balance her checkbook. She pulled out all of her checks one by one, until they covered the table.  Demanding I help her balance her checkbook, she proceeded to grab a green marker and scribble "666" all over all the checks.

"Are you f***ing kidding me?!" I yelled.

"I HAVE TO BALANCE MY CHECKBOOK!" she screamed back at me, while the 911 operator patiently explained to me that I needed to remain calm in order for bi-polar Jesus wind chime lady to stay calm.

The paramedics arrived, and I realized the entire ordeal had taken place in under eight minutes.
"Props for quick response, guys," I told them. "I couldn't find any meds, but she's bi-polar, and I don't know how she got that bruise."


They stared in disbelief at the table of checks all bearing large foreboding "666" brands in green marker. A big smile spread across my face. Loud eerie wind chimes? A Jesus memorabilia infestation and echoing hymns? The "mark of the Devil"? I freaking love my life! And people question why I wanted to be a writer? The world is full of crazy things and people just waiting to be documented.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Scariest Places on Earth

We here at Alone at Night loves us some  Linked is one of our favorite cracked articles all about the scariest places on earth.  Check it out.

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Funny Thing Voyeur Voyeur Voyeur Voyeur

Hello Alone at Night audience.  Thanks for visiting. I wanted to share a funny thing I've noticed.  One neat thing about using "Blogger" is that the blog administrators can see a lot of neat information about the visitors to the blog, such as which country the visitors are from, which posts people are looking at and even what search engine key words brought a visitor to the site.  We've noticed, that one of the most popular searche terms that bring people to Alone at Night are people searching for "voyeur". 

It seems that a lot of visitors who happen across our page were probably a little disapointed by what they found.  Sorry, guys and gals. There's no porn here, only great scary stories.  So, we may not have exactly what you'r'e looking for, but since you're here anyway, you might as well read a story or two or even submit one of your own. However, since you're so into voyeurisim, instead of being the one scared, I'd guess your'e doing the scaring. Creepers. =)

In an effort to drive more visitors to the site: voyeur, shower voyeur, boobs, ta-ta's, buttox, rump, rumpalicious, hiney.  Hahaha. =)

Keep up the story submissions and stay safe.

(Alone at Night Staff)

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Portugese Prowlers

This happen to me a few months’s probably not as creepy as your stories but for me it was the scariest thing that ever happen. It’s also not a knocking on door story but nevertheless it’s real…

So, I’m Portuguese and I live in Lisbon. To get the thrill and, I must say, very stupidly, me and my friends use to go to a place near Lisbon which is call Serra de Sintra. If you googled it you can see that it is a very beautiful place…during the day. At night it can be a very dark and creepy place full of mysticism and strange stories. This is just the context.

So, one night, me, my boyfriend, my sister and one of our male friends didn’t had anything to do, so we bought a few drinks, got in my boyfriend’s car and there we go.
To get to the place we usually parked, we have to drive a long, dark road in the middle of the woods, for about 20 minutes. Once we got there is pretty much chill out, have a couples of drinks and of course beware of all the creepy noises we hear.

So there we were, when suddenly a white van appears out of nowhere. This had happen once or twice before so, although it was a strange thing, it was not necessary to get out of there. Maybe they just wanted to ask for directions… But, in any case, my boyfriend gives me the bottle of wine and put himself in the position to drive off at any minute. But the van parks in a way that, if it moves a couple of feet, it could block our way out of there, since we had nothing but woods and trees behind us.

By that time, my sister and I were pretty much freaked out, because that was an insolated place and it was like one in the morning. What the hell was that van doing there, parked almost right in front of us?

When the van suddenly turn the headlights on again it was time to get the hell out of there. My boyfriend turns on the car just in time to run. We thought that was over but then, as we go into the dark, one way road, we see the van coming right behind us with it’s maxima headlights on and in full speed.
In this road, those who aren’t comfortable driving it need to go in a normal/slow speed because it’s a road full of tight bends not to mention the fact that it doesn’t have any lights. My boyfriend needed to drive this way, because the last thing we wanted was a car accident and like our male friend said, the car was our way out of there.

I was completely freaked out, my sister was almost screaming, and the guys were pretty much trying not to lose control. Since the road has only one way our biggest fear was this was some kind of trap, you know, like another car was waiting for us in the opposite direction, and if that was the case we were completely trapped there. That could eventually happen because we heard stories about creepy people in the woods of Sintra.

The van continues and after a while gives up and stayed behind.
Later, when we got to a safe place, we figured that was only someone trying to scares us, only playing a joke on us. In any case I swore never to go back to that place.

The funniest thing was that I had my video camera that night and I recorded the whole thing =)

Sorry for the long story and sorry for any mistakes in English…as I said, I’m Portuguese and my English is a little rusty =)

If you want to see the place on Google Earth here are the coordinates: 38.779961, -9.434356


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A few Short Scary Stories

This happened to my friend's mother several years back when we were about 15-16. His folks had a nice house on a country road which was about half a mile from the main road. One night his mother is driving along this road which is really a track so you can't drive very fast down it. This guy steps right out in front of the car so she has to stop and she sees he his wearing a balaclava and pointing a gun at her.

She is frozen in fear and this guy jumps in the passenger seat and tells her to drive. He tells her not to look at him and keep her eyes on the road. When they get to the main road he makes her get out of the car and then drives off in the car. She is able to run into a nearby pub and raise the alarm.

The police reckoned they were targeted because they had nice cars (his mother had a white BMW). They also said it was unlikely the gun was real as it is not easy to get hold of handguns in the UK. She emerged unscathed but she must have thought it was game over when that guy jumped in the car.

One more...

I spent one year of college studying in France and my girlfriend over there had a series of alarming experiences. It started just before we started going out. She was walking across a parking lot one afternoon when it was raining and this car pulls up slowly alongside her. She ignores it and keeps walking realising there aren't many people around. The driver winds down his window and calls out to her and she sees that he isn't wearing anything below the waist. She runs off and he shouts at her that he'll see her again. She reported it to the police who were really good about the whole thing.

A few weeks after that she starts getting calls in her room at night where no-one speaks but she can hear someone is on the other end of the line. It happens a few times and kind of creeps her out. She's not easily shaken either. She just reasons it out that since the phone numbers are sequence by room, anyone can figure out which rooms have girls in and make a nuisance of themselves. None of the calls happen on nights I am there though.

The last event in the series was when we were seeing each other. We were in her room, which was on the ground floor and were up late talking. It's about 3 am so I am lying on her bed giving her a hug and she gets up to get a drink of water. She looks out of her window, freezes for a few seconds and then suddenly flattens herself against me and now I can feel she is shaken. I ask what's wrong and she says, "He was looking in, he was looking straight at me." Some guy was outside her window just standing there and looking in.

I took a look but whoever had been there was gone and it didn't seem a smart move to go out there and try and find him.

I asked her if it was the same guy who had exposed himself and she couldn't say definitely yes or definitely no. We don't even know that the three incidents were linked but she definitely had her share of scares that year.

Some douchebags just get their kicks out of scaring women I guess.

Bedroom Voyeur

I remembered a few more of these that happened to me and to people I knew. This one happened when I went to visit a friend and his GF and one of her friends. We went out for drinks and dinner one Saturday night and on getting back, I crashed in the lounge with the other girl and my friend and his gf went up to bed. No big deal.

The next morning the neighbour knocks at the door to ask if everything is OK. We are all a little hungover and wonder if we made some noise on the way home and he is politely letting us know. It was something else entirely.

At about 1am, this guy's wife had woken him up saying she was sure she could hear someone outside. So he gets up, looks out of the window and can see a guy in the front garden. It was Spring time so not that warm but this guy is just wearing a t-shirt and combat pants. So the neighbour puts the light in the room on, opens the window and asks the guy what he wants. The guy just stares up at him, doesn't answer and then casually walks off.

They decide he is a drunk who got lost on the way back from the pub or a party and go back to bed. The husband is still a little edgy and can't sleep. A couple of hours later he decides to go down and have a look around, check the doors again etc.

Everything is ok and he decides to have a quick look up and down the street. It all looks clear and he is about to go back inside when he happens to look up. He sees the guy. He has climbed up on the porch of my friend's place and is crouching staring through their bedroom window.

The neighbour can't believe what he is seeing and just watches for a few seconds and then yells up at him. They guy is startled and half jumps/half falls off the porch and runs off.

We called the police and they came to have a look at the porch but didn't find anything.

Needless to say, my friend's GF was hugely creeped out by this guy watching them sleep. They were only renting that place and after the incident they did not stay there all that long.

I always wondered what that guy was doing for the time between the neighbour challenging him and then seeing him up on the porch. Pretty unsettling.

Oh, and let this be a lesson to us all.  Look out for your family, friend, and neighbors.  Take care of one another and the world will be a better place. 


Foot Rubs from a Freak in Dublin

Me and my bf were at a concert in Dublin the other night and we stayed in a lovely hotel, with the recession you can get them cheap so anyways we came back from the concert, Bryan Adams - epic!, and I had a good few scoops in me but my bf was sober as a judge cuz he was working the next morning. When we got back to the room I was dying for a fag after a while and was too lazy to walk all the way down and out the front door so I slid the window right up and stuck the head out for a smoke but forgot to close the window..dun dun dun only joking this is actually true :D Went to sleep anyways, himself was fast asleep already and I was half cut so forgot about the window.

 I woke a couple of hours later to go to the loo and while I was in there I could hear noises just noises could of been anything but not normal at that time of the morning so i ran back to the bed like a hot snot and shoved the boyfriend to wake him up. He turned around and said what are you waking me up for? and why the *beep* are you rubbimg my feet?

It wasn't me rubbing his feet nor was it me crawling around the floor of our hotel room it was some freak who had climbed through the window. Himself gets up and starts screaming like a madman, I rang reception and the Gardai were called, it's actually quite funny I had startled him the feckin' eejit by getting up so he had hid round the side of the bed and the stupid twat had put his hands on the bed to guide him round and was rubbing off the bf's feet other than that we would have been sleeping pretty none the wiser! He was out to rob but unless he was gonna sell the fillings out of my teeth he would have been sorely dissappointed!

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New Website to check out

Hello all you fright fans, fear fanatics,!  I'd like to take a moment to give a shout out to a loyal Alone at Night follower -- Lexie.  She's begun her own business, selling her custom artwork, and greeting cards.  She does invites for weddings, baby showers, or get well soon cards, thank you cards, customized stationary.  She also sells some really rad art including some steampunk stuff.  Please take a moment to check out her website at .  She is also on  Just go to and search for "Ally B Studio".

Thanks to Lexie for being a big fan of Alone at Night and thanks to all of you too!

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Scary Guys Beat Root Beer, Shotgun Beats Scary Guys

Reading all of these brought to mind something I dealt with quite some time ago...

I was staying at my aunt/uncles home, dog sitting (a black and tan coonhound named Rover, I joke not). Anyway, they had a U-shaped driveway inundated with bushy plants all over and a wood gated front patio area. I had been watching videos (way back when VHS was all we had) and decided I wanted a root beer, so I went out to the detached garage where the extra fridge was and took the dog with me. I grabbed a couple of cans and as I was going back in I heard "HEY!" right in the bushes near the inside of the gate, my heart stopped for a moment and I was seriously freaked. I grabbed the dog, dropped the cans of soda, ran into the house, slammed and locked the front door. I headed straight for their bedroom cause I knew my uncle had a shotgun so I grabbed it, knowing he kept it armed and went back to the front. I decided to look out the huge picture window at the front, to make sure whoever I heard wasn't at the front door before I opened it.
Of course, I think he saw the gun and took off cause by the time I opened the front door the front gate was open and it hadn't been when I looked out the window. I freaked worse cause I heard the sound of what was at least two people outside the gate in the bushes that bordered the neighbors house and yelled for the neighbor, an older man who was good friends with my uncle/aunt, he was also Vietnam Vet like my uncle so there was a bond. Well, he came out with a big handheld search lights, with his son next to him carrying a machete (no joke, again)...whoever these guys were they took off running, and I mean running.

The cops basically said they'd patrol throughout the night, I don't know if they did (this was in a town where the cops were decent), but I hope so. They couldn't look for anyone, cause I never saw anyone.

The dog barking during this whole ordeal, like a coonhound does.

He stayed by me that whole night, we found a padlock for the gate...putting it on without locking it, kept the outside light on and some of the inside lights on, and I doubt I let go of that gun until morning.

Told my aunt and uncle when they came home the next day and his only comment to my aunt was, "I was with you, I swear"...he plays twisted practical jokes to scare people.

Never did find out who they were.

Foreign Fears

I was 17 years old and on a family vacation in Berlin, Germany several years ago, and we were getting ready for bed in our hotel rooms. Normally I, my parents, and my siblings stay in one room, but for fire hazard reasons, this hotel didn’t allow for 6 people to sleep in the same room. So my parents and little brother stayed in one room, and my brother, sister and I stayed in the adjacent hotel room next to theirs. I was fast asleep, but around 2 am, I was awakened by the sound of our doorknob jiggling as if someone were trying to come in. I just ignored the sound and tried to fall back asleep, but I was clearly shaken up and covered in sweat. I convinced myself that I had merely imagined it, but sure enough the jiggling on the door handle persisted again, debunking any of my imagination. I didn’t know what to do because I was in a foreign country, my siblings were asleep, and I feared that waking them up would draw attention to us. I didn’t know how to operate the room phone to call the front desk nor could I speak any German, and my parents were in the other room.

I coaxed my older brother to wake up, but he didn’t believe me. I can remember how utterly helpless I felt when this was all going on; it was like in the movies when everyone around you is skeptical of something that you heard. I remember there were very loud helicopters overhead for some reason, and I remember how I was sweating and burning up underneath the covers. I eventually fell back asleep and everything was fine the next morning. Luckily we stayed at a hotel in another town the next day so I never slept in that room again, but I never found out who that was trying to get in our hotel room that night. Freaky.

Sliding Glass Doors

I just recently moved to Los Angeles from New York, so I'm accustomed to high crime rates and people trying to break in, etc. Anyway, I was at my apartment alone. I have two roommates and it was a Friday night. I had decided to come home early from a party because everyone was getting drunk. It was around 2a.m. The apartment complex I live in is pretty nice. It's not crime-ridden or run down. I like it. Anyway, I was trying to finish up some weekend homework when I hear a really LOUD knocking from the door.

Seeing as I had friends that were out drunk, I didn't think twice. I called out, "Hold on!" because I was in the back room furthest from the door. When I got there, I opened the door and there was no one there. The silence was haunting. I've never encountered a silence like that before in my entire life. My stomach literally turned to ice water.

I immediately shut the door and locked it up. I stayed in the living room (where the front door was) so I could make sure no one knocked again. Somewhere between 2 and 3 I dozed off, but I was startled awake by muffled voices. I remember this really low voice that seemed right beside my ear. I jolted awake and I realized no one was in my apartment -- they were standing right outside.

I looked over to a large sliding glass door we have (that leads out into the back quarters of the complex) and there were two figures that were shadowed in the porch light. It was incredibly frightening. I knew they weren't my roommates because the voices were so different.

Needless to say, I freaked and called security and they came and found no one but they did find that my door frame had been worn down because whoever it was really wanted inside.