Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Submit Your Story Win a Prize

Okay, so you won't actually win a prize. I don't make any money off this site, so I don't have anything to offer you.  However, you will win my undying graditude and I think that is worth a lot.   So, please, we're slowly dying of thirst here. We need YOUR story!

Scary, creepy, spooky, or even funny, we want all your true horror stories.  If just 1% of our weekly visitors submited a story we'd be doing great.  But as it is we hardly get one story a week these days.  A lot of the stories you see here were gathered from disperate sources across the internets, and combined in a single space to make it eaiser for you to read some great scary stories.  However, this takes a lot of time that we just don't have.  It's quicker, and more fun if the stories come from YOU our audience.

Please take a moment, NOW, and write down your story and ship it in an email to us at

Many Thanks!

-Alone at Night Staff

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