Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Strangers on a Train

I live in Brooklyn,

So, I got on the F train at 14th St. in Manhattan. My date waited with me until the train came. Just as I was getting on the train, a guy got on in the same car with me and was staring at me so hard and so creepy that he was freaking me out. He went to one end of the car, and I went to the other. Then he got up and started walking towards me, so I got up and didn't look at him and walked to the other end of the car. He was still staring hard at me, so when the train came to a stop, I got off and went into the car behind the one I was in.
I was going to get off and wait for the next train but track work was to start at 12 at it was 11:20 or so.
After a few stops, I bent forward to look into the next car and there he was, still staring at me. Must have been waiting for me to look.
At 11:30, we hit the 4th Street Station and they announced that the train was going to go express and that the track work started early. This means they would have skipped my stop (15th Street).
On a nice night, in a safe neighborhood, I wouldn't mind walking, but I was feeling really creeped out.
A lot of people got off at the 7th Ave stop (from the 8th Ave. exit) and I stuck with the crowd and turned down 12th Street, knowing that the bar would be open.
Sure enough, the guy got off the train too.
I stood in front of the bar and called Eastern for a car home (all 8 blocks or so).
I saw the guy walk up to the corner, just about to turn onto 12th Street - I think he was trying to follow me from a bit of a distance. When he saw me in front of the bar with other people (who were smoking outside) he stopped in his tracks and went the other way.
I'm no wuss, but I'm very aware of my surroundings. This guy gave me the creeps and I think he was truly up to no good. The $8 I spent to get home was well worth it.

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