Friday, May 6, 2011

Pedo at the Petrol Station

This happened to me about 12 years ago when I was 10. Still to this day it creeps me out. Down the road from my house is a petrol station. I went to the petrol station to buy some chocolate. I had walked there hundreds of times so my mum wasn't worried. I get to the petrol station and I feel someone watching me while I was picking a chocolate. There was this guy next to the chips and he was looking at me. I moved to another part of the store and he followed. This guy was probably 40. I walked to the cashier and should have said something but I didn't.

I walked out of the station and started heading down the street. I look back and that guy was just standing outside the petrol station looking at me. He starts to walk and is following me down the street. There is two ways to get to my house. The main street which is up a hill or the back bushes. Even though the street would have been better because it was full of houses I foolishly took the back park bush area because it would be quicker to get to my house. He was walking very slowly but still was following me. I rushed through the bush area and ran up the alley next my house. At that point I was way ahead of him so he didn't see me go into my house. I walked to the back of the house where my parents bedroom was and looked out into the bush area.

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