Friday, May 20, 2011


{Here is a short story to start your day off right}

This one happened when I was about 10 or 11. We visited my mother’s side of the family in Pennsylvania almost every summer. She is from a small town northeast of Oil City so since this is in a national forest, it is pretty much woods all around.

Anyway, my brother and me and my cousin went to a carnival the night before we were to go home. When we got back to my uncle’s house it was well after dark. They have a reasonable sized back yard, but of course nothing but forest beyond. In the back corner of the yard my cousin’s dog is tied up under a light. He is barking like crazy and from beyond the edge of the woods we hear this screaming that didn’t sound at all like a hurt animal or even a human. It was the scariest, creepiest sound I have ever heard before or since. It scared everyone. This was almost 30 years ago and to this day, if I think of it, it still creeps me out. No one ever found out what it was that was making that sound.


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