Friday, May 20, 2011


{Here is a short story to start your day off right}

This one happened when I was about 10 or 11. We visited my mother’s side of the family in Pennsylvania almost every summer. She is from a small town northeast of Oil City so since this is in a national forest, it is pretty much woods all around.

Anyway, my brother and me and my cousin went to a carnival the night before we were to go home. When we got back to my uncle’s house it was well after dark. They have a reasonable sized back yard, but of course nothing but forest beyond. In the back corner of the yard my cousin’s dog is tied up under a light. He is barking like crazy and from beyond the edge of the woods we hear this screaming that didn’t sound at all like a hurt animal or even a human. It was the scariest, creepiest sound I have ever heard before or since. It scared everyone. This was almost 30 years ago and to this day, if I think of it, it still creeps me out. No one ever found out what it was that was making that sound.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Friday, May 6, 2011

What the Hell?

This happened in the fall of 2004. I was living with my sister, and another male roommate, R, at the time in a little apartment. We had all just moved in about 2 weeks ago.

These were semi-upscale units, gated community, supposedly patrolled 24 hours a day...Anyhow, it was a weeknight. I got home from work later than normal, and decided to watch a movie with the roomies while eating some leftover supper. It was about 11:30 when I got home. Sis and I fall asleep in the living room. I am awakened by a very loud pounding and screaming at the door. It's a girl's voice, crying her head off, screaming for help. Sis is awake now, too, and R has just wandered in.

Stupid me, I decided to open the door. This girl was in her nightgown with a blanket wrapped around her, no shoes, her face soaked with tears.

"Help me, please. Can I come inside?" She asks.

She seems harmless enough. Come on, she's wearing a damn nightgown, and it is cold outside.
"Is everything ok? I ask.

"No! There's a man in my apartment! I got scared, so I ran out. I live by myself and I just moved in. I don't have my phone yet, so I went around to the neighbors for help, and no one would open the door except for you guys. Can I use your phone?"

I hand her the cordless, assuming that she's going to call the cops. She thanks me. Then, she takes the phone outside, and around the corner to talk.
For 15. *beep* Minutes.

Then, she comes back with the phone, and thanks me again.
R offers to check out her place for her, and grabs his baseball bat.
She thinks it's a good idea not to go in alone. So, what the hell, we all go.
Her apartment is around the corner from ours.

We go in her place, and she has to unlock the front door to get in.

R checks the other windows, and they are all locked, except for the sliding glass door in her bedroom , which is wide open. We turn on all the lights and wait in the front room while he checks the place. There's no one there.

So, she figures he must've gotten in and out through the sliding door, which would seem totally logical if it weren't 3 floors up.

Anyway, as soon as R said it was all clear, the girl was just like, "Oh, well. Thank you SO much! I'm gonna go to sleep, now. Good night!"

Sis looks at me sideways, and then says to her, "Don't you want to wait until the police get here?"
She says, "I never called the police." And closes the door.

So, that gave me a funny feeling, so we 3 sprint back to our place asap. Nothing out of the ordinary. It takes awhile but we all manage to get some sleep. We chalked up the night's events to a young girl's first night alone away from home creepies, and didn't think anymore about it.
Fast forward to 3 weeks later.

The 3 of us are home in the evening watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special (of all things), when there's a knock on the door.

R opens it without hesitation. We all turn and look.

It's the same girl as before, and there's an older man with her that we don't recognize. They are all dressed up. She has the world's biggest smile on her face.

The man says, "Hello. I am very sorry to bother you this evening. Have you seen this young lady before?"

R says he has.

"This is my daughter. She says she's been in your house. Has she been in your house?"
R nods.

" Well, if she comes back, DO NOT LET HER IN YOUR HOUSE. No matter what she tells you. DO NOT LET HER IN. NEVER LET HER IN."

The man was very solemn, but the girl had a ten-mile grin the whole time, and it just scared the *beep* *beep* out of me.

That was November, and we moved out in January, and she never did come back.
Thank hell.

Pedo at the Petrol Station

This happened to me about 12 years ago when I was 10. Still to this day it creeps me out. Down the road from my house is a petrol station. I went to the petrol station to buy some chocolate. I had walked there hundreds of times so my mum wasn't worried. I get to the petrol station and I feel someone watching me while I was picking a chocolate. There was this guy next to the chips and he was looking at me. I moved to another part of the store and he followed. This guy was probably 40. I walked to the cashier and should have said something but I didn't.

I walked out of the station and started heading down the street. I look back and that guy was just standing outside the petrol station looking at me. He starts to walk and is following me down the street. There is two ways to get to my house. The main street which is up a hill or the back bushes. Even though the street would have been better because it was full of houses I foolishly took the back park bush area because it would be quicker to get to my house. He was walking very slowly but still was following me. I rushed through the bush area and ran up the alley next my house. At that point I was way ahead of him so he didn't see me go into my house. I walked to the back of the house where my parents bedroom was and looked out into the bush area.

Dog, Man's Best Friend

One bitterly cold winter weekend when I was in high school, the rest of my family went away while I remained alone at our house in a woodsy part of suburban New York. There was no moon to light the woods surrounding the house, but I nonetheless loved having the place to myself so I could stay up all night watching movies, eating junk, and smoking cigarettes into the fan over the stove.

At about 3:30 AM, I was cozily ensconced in the den and had just decided to go upstairs and go to bed, when suddenly I was stunned and chilled by the sound of our garage door going up. Without giving myself time to think it through, I went charging to the garage and pressed the button to send the door back down. Thankfully, I had the car in the garage, so I didn't have to worry about someone having broken into it to access the garage door opener. BUT, this meant I did have to worry about someone crouching unseen behind the car. I was standing in the doorway leading from the kitchen to the garage, which was down a couple of steps. I couldn't man up to the point of going to look myself, so instead I pushed my Jack Russell Terrier into the garage (I must have been REALLY terrified to do this because I loved that dog!).

She calmly nosed around for a minute or two, with evidently no idea that something could be wrong. I knew that if anyone had been in there, she would have picked up on it immediately, so I felt assured that no one had entered the house. I brought her back inside and probably kept her with me after I had returned to the den and put in a cheerful comedy to watch until daybreak, at which point I locked us both into my bedroom and went to sleep.

Later, I told my mother about the occurence over the phone. My parents had friends from home staying with them at our weekend place, and the wife told my mother that the garage door at their house had repeatedly gone up on its own the previous week. They had decided that it was the extreme cold that was causing it to do this. I had never heard of cold weather having this effect on a garage door and haven't heard of it since, but it was the only explanation at hand. These friends' house was almost right around the corner from ours, but I I suppose I decided that, in the unlikely event that someone was trolling the neighborhood at all hours with some sort of master garage door opener, they were contenting themselves with leaving once the doors were open.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Strangers on a Train

I live in Brooklyn,

So, I got on the F train at 14th St. in Manhattan. My date waited with me until the train came. Just as I was getting on the train, a guy got on in the same car with me and was staring at me so hard and so creepy that he was freaking me out. He went to one end of the car, and I went to the other. Then he got up and started walking towards me, so I got up and didn't look at him and walked to the other end of the car. He was still staring hard at me, so when the train came to a stop, I got off and went into the car behind the one I was in.
I was going to get off and wait for the next train but track work was to start at 12 at it was 11:20 or so.
After a few stops, I bent forward to look into the next car and there he was, still staring at me. Must have been waiting for me to look.
At 11:30, we hit the 4th Street Station and they announced that the train was going to go express and that the track work started early. This means they would have skipped my stop (15th Street).
On a nice night, in a safe neighborhood, I wouldn't mind walking, but I was feeling really creeped out.
A lot of people got off at the 7th Ave stop (from the 8th Ave. exit) and I stuck with the crowd and turned down 12th Street, knowing that the bar would be open.
Sure enough, the guy got off the train too.
I stood in front of the bar and called Eastern for a car home (all 8 blocks or so).
I saw the guy walk up to the corner, just about to turn onto 12th Street - I think he was trying to follow me from a bit of a distance. When he saw me in front of the bar with other people (who were smoking outside) he stopped in his tracks and went the other way.
I'm no wuss, but I'm very aware of my surroundings. This guy gave me the creeps and I think he was truly up to no good. The $8 I spent to get home was well worth it.