Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In the Sky

{The following story isn't the type of story we normally publish here at Alone at Night, but the author is a big fan of the site, and it is an odd story in its own right. So, please read on.}

I was driving to work this morning like every other morning. There was nothing out of the ordinary at all. As I was driving along I noted the sunrise was rather striking. Then I noticed what I thought was a huge bird in the sky off to my right. I remember thinking "it must be flying straight in the same direction as I'm driving" as it appeared stationary in the air.

 Some trees blocked my view for a brief period and I made a note to look for the bird once I passed the trees. Once I passed the trees I saw the 'bird' and realized it was a small single engine sized plane. It didn't appear new but more of an older model. It was very low, perhaps only 150 yards up at most.

What was strange was that it was COMPLETELY stationary! Not moving at all! It wasn't like a balloon or kite or anything. There was absolutely zero movement. I thought for a second that maybe it was flying against a strong wind and was 'stuck' in one spot. Sort of like a bird flying into a strong wind. However, there was no stabilizing, tipping movements of the wings or any up and down motion at all.

 I kept thinking to myself, "man, it looks like someone took a three dimensional picture of a plane and stuck it in the sky." As if a video was paused. I noticed as I drove by it, I could see the plane clearly. Wings, tail, etc..very clearly. As strange as it sounds, it didn't even see to be hovering. I can't stress enough that, for whatever reason, it really stuck out to me that there was NO movement at all! I was able to view this plane for about 30 seconds total. I have no experience with aviation in any fashion so if anyone knows how this is possible please let me know.

Thanks and keep up the great work!


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Scared said...

Very strange story. Was it a prop or a balloon? Or was it some time-stuck picture, an image projected from the past? Or a real plane caught in unknown temporal energies? Or maybe it was the ghost of a plane: just like human ghosts are said to float in the air and be intangible, maybe the ghost of an airplane would be able to hover.