Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hitch Hiking Bones

Hitchhiking used to be a way of seeing the country on the cheap, and an exciting adventure all by itself. These days not too many people do it and that's too bad. It's a fun way to see the country, but it does pose some risks.

This is a tale about one interesting and scary hitchhiking trip my husband and I had. This story hopefully won't scare anyone but, if it does just remember it's an experience and fear is a good thing to have for it keeps you safe. This story is an experience that has helped my husband and I enjoy our hitchhiking and road tripping all the more, because we always know that we can experience something new and exciting.

Well, my husband and I were hitching in West Virgina and met a lot of cool people there. We also saw a lot of beautiful sites like the Appalachians and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Although we didn't get a lot of rides we enjoyed the scenery, each other's company and being outdoors surrounded by nature. One day we were just walking because we couldn't get a ride and we came upon this spot where there was an obviously abandoned house on a hill surrounded by trees. It started raining so we went into the house and looked around while we got out of the rain. Whoever had lived in this house must have left in a hurry because we found clothes from the old days, newspapers from 1953, cheap jewelry in the bedroom and other stuff that people wouldn't normally leave behind when moving.

 This house freaked us out a lot because of noises. You know how it is, new, unfamiliar place and strange noises. The rain had stopped and we were scared more and more the more time we spent in the house. so we decided to get out of there. We walked back down the hill and on our way down we found a human femur bone. Now, that scared us even more. We walked really fast to get away from that place and finally we got a ride. On the whole, however, we enjoyed the West Virgina trip.

When my husband, brother-in-law and I went on a road trip early this year we decided to go and see if the house was still there. It wasn't and we asked people in the general area of the house if they knew about it and they all acted very suspicious.

Well the reason I decided to write this story isn't to scare anyone but, to let everyone know that hey, you might have a scary experience while hitchhiking but could also find interesting old things from the past or meet neat people too. It all just makes hitchhiking, road tripping an experience that you'll have stories forever to tell people.

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