Monday, April 4, 2011

Blair Witch House

The summer of 2007 I went to a large forest near where I live. I'd moved to the area only a year ago and I've never been to that forest since I moved here. It was a warm summer night with a beautiful sunset, so I took my wife out for a romantic picnic on a meadow right at the forest. What a wonderful evening! ;) After the meal we decided to took a walk onto the nearby hills, which are called the "Stone Hills" (this is unusual for this county, we don't have any stones or rock here, just trees and sand). When we reached the summit of the first hill, we saw some stones scattered all over the ground, nothing sprecial, but it was getting dark and it was the first time I thought of The Blair Witch Project. Ouh! We went on, and got onto a small trail on the edge of the forest. After 30 minutes of walking we were quite far away from the last farm we saw and it was getting really dark then. This was because the trees were so big, with lots of fir trees, which are quite uncommon in our region. Suddenly my wife stood still. She scared the crap out of me, aspirating, "There's something over there!". I tried to figure out what she meant, and after a few seconds I saw what she was talking about. There was a large, abandoned house beside the trail, broken, fallen in, bushes all over. We went on, quickly, with our eyes not leaving the surrounding woods. There were deers between the trees, escaping, and the noises they made were so similar to the sounds heard in The Blair Witch Project! The house itself looked quite mean, I am 36 yo, but I got quite nervous, plus the last daylight was getting so unnatural, filtered by the big trees around. We passed the house as quickly as possible and followed the trail. And what else could happen? The trail ended after 15 minutes. Don't ask me why - just like in stupid horror movies - we decided not to go back along the house, so we went right hand side, into the woods. It was really becoming a horror trip then, because the trails were stuffed with trees, fallen over back in January when we had an awesome storm here. At three times, we couldn't move on, so we had to go right through the bushes and all that. All the time, animals were escaping around us, and at one point we saw a huge antlered deer, standing before us. It would have been a wonderful view, but we just wanted to get away. I kept on praying, that my wife wouldn't come up with something like "the house looked like the one in TBWP" or something. I even tried not to think of this topic too much for myself. I dunno, after a hour or what, we eventually returned to the hill, we'd reached first. As we got back to our car, our legs were scarred from all the thorns and branches. Oh my! Later I'd started a big search out in the internet, in order to find something about the house. It was a former forest ranger house. When a friend of mine gave us his dog over his vacations, I decided to go back there. It was full daylight then, but still a bit scary. I also took some photos: Hope you liked my story. BTW, english is not my native tongue ...

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