Thursday, April 28, 2011

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What Would You Have Done?

I was returning from a climbing trip late one night, in the Moab, UT, with my boyfriend. As we’re driving we enter a valley and we see lights in the distance. As we get closer we start to see debris in the road including a single shoe.

Of course we pull over and we see a car with it’s lights on about 10 to 20 feet away from the road, completely stopped. Believing that we came upon the sight of an accident, my boyfriend calls out to the wreck to make sure everyone’s OK. I stayed in the car and I start to get out and go next to my boyfriend. I look at my phone and realize that I have no cell reception and and become a little more cautious. A women steps in front of the lit headlights in front of the, seemingly, wrecked car. She has blood all over her shirt, but appears to be OK. At the sight of the blood my boyfriend calls down to see if we need to call for help or find out what we can do. The women speaking to us is completely calm. She says not to call the police but just come down to the car. She doesn’t say that anyone needs help she just keeps saying “come down here, just come down here.”
The situation was so eerie that when my boyfriend started to head down there I stopped him I just had a really bad feeling about all of it. The headlights of the car were on and an uninjured women covered in blood told us not to call the police but just come closer to her.
I started to head back to the car and the women starts yelling “COME DOWN HERE” She didn’t sound scared but angry that I was turning around. We didn’t have any visuals of what was down there besides her. The sound of her yelling made my boyfriend wary and he headed back to the car. The closer he got to the car the louder and more angry she got. I realize that she might have been in shock but my boyfriend would have been ill equipped to handle any medical emergency. As we drove out of the valley I called 911 and reported the accident. The whole situation with the blood and the fact that she didn’t want medical attention was scary. What would you have done?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Followed Home

I live in St. Louis and have, for the past year and a half, relied on public transit to get to my office. I am a graduate student, and money is generally tight, but the university I go to provides parking passes to students free of charge, which helps out a lot.

Last Tuesday, I had been stuck in the lab working well past the time I would usually leave. I got on the train at about 9:30 PM, and I was one of maybe only three people in that car. The other two were guys way in the back. At the next stop, some guy gets on the train and sits right across from me, and just stares. And stares. And stares. I tried to ignore him, but I knew he was still staring.

When the train pulled up at my stop (Maplewood-Manchester), I got up to get off, and he got up right behind me. I got off the train and decided to stand at the station to wait for him to leave. He did, but when I went down the stairs, he was still at the bottom, talking to some guy, but heading in another direction. I took the alternative route back toward my apartment, and, a minute or so later, I hear someone walking behind me. I looked, and it was the same guy from the train. By this time, it was 9:45 PM, it was dark, all I wanted to do was go home, and I had some idiot from the metro following me.

He started trying to talk to me, complimenting my figure (I was wearing a huge, unflattering coat that goes down below my knees – so sexy, right?). When I ignored him, he sped up and started yelling at me (What’s wrong? Where you goin’? I not good enough for you?), and I was still alone, and it was still dark, and I still really just wanted to go home.

I finally called a friend because I was afraid he would assault me or worse if I told him to back off. Again, I was alone, it was dark out, there was no one else in sight, so there is no way he had good intentions. There had been at least one “stranger rape” near my university the week before, so I had that on my mind the whole time.

I started loudly explaining where I was and what was going on, at which point he started yelling obscenities at me, accusing me of being uppity, and threatening me, saying I had better not be calling the police. He did cross to the other side of the street, though, and just before I got to my complex, he headed down another street, still yelling at me.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hitch Hiking Bones

Hitchhiking used to be a way of seeing the country on the cheap, and an exciting adventure all by itself. These days not too many people do it and that's too bad. It's a fun way to see the country, but it does pose some risks.

This is a tale about one interesting and scary hitchhiking trip my husband and I had. This story hopefully won't scare anyone but, if it does just remember it's an experience and fear is a good thing to have for it keeps you safe. This story is an experience that has helped my husband and I enjoy our hitchhiking and road tripping all the more, because we always know that we can experience something new and exciting.

Well, my husband and I were hitching in West Virgina and met a lot of cool people there. We also saw a lot of beautiful sites like the Appalachians and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Although we didn't get a lot of rides we enjoyed the scenery, each other's company and being outdoors surrounded by nature. One day we were just walking because we couldn't get a ride and we came upon this spot where there was an obviously abandoned house on a hill surrounded by trees. It started raining so we went into the house and looked around while we got out of the rain. Whoever had lived in this house must have left in a hurry because we found clothes from the old days, newspapers from 1953, cheap jewelry in the bedroom and other stuff that people wouldn't normally leave behind when moving.

 This house freaked us out a lot because of noises. You know how it is, new, unfamiliar place and strange noises. The rain had stopped and we were scared more and more the more time we spent in the house. so we decided to get out of there. We walked back down the hill and on our way down we found a human femur bone. Now, that scared us even more. We walked really fast to get away from that place and finally we got a ride. On the whole, however, we enjoyed the West Virgina trip.

When my husband, brother-in-law and I went on a road trip early this year we decided to go and see if the house was still there. It wasn't and we asked people in the general area of the house if they knew about it and they all acted very suspicious.

Well the reason I decided to write this story isn't to scare anyone but, to let everyone know that hey, you might have a scary experience while hitchhiking but could also find interesting old things from the past or meet neat people too. It all just makes hitchhiking, road tripping an experience that you'll have stories forever to tell people.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Nightmare Serenade

About six years ago I lived in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This is a small town just outside of the Great Smokey Mountain National Park. Gatlinburg was and probably still is a tourist trap, but I moved there shortly after graduating college because I loved the Smokey Mountains and loved being so close to the park. I spent every free moment I had in the park, hiking and camping. It was a place I went for peace. One sultry summer weekend I was hiking a section of the Appalachian Trail that runs through the park. I find my camp site for the evening, and I start to settle in. I remember taking a few moments to find the best place to pitch my tent, no widow-maker branches above, even ground below, no roots, etc. While doing this, I noticed that, seemingly, I was the only one camping in this spot. Though summer is the busy season at the park, it isn’t that unusual to be alone at a camp site, even one off so popular a trail as the AT. Most people don’t like to get dirty, but instead prefer to camp someplace that has a working toilet and power hookups. To me, what’s the point of that? Might as well stay home.

It wasn’t until I had my tent set up, and had gotten a cooking fire going that I heard an unusual sound. Someone was singing. I couldn’t really catch the words, but I could tell that the words had a sing-song quality to them. The sun was setting, but it wasn’t dark yet, so I went out to see who my neighbor was. I tried to follow the voice, but every time I thought I was getting closer the sound seemed to drop off or move locations, and I’d have to start walking the way I came. Night falls like a hatchet in the woods. One moment it’s light and the next it’s dark, with hardly any in-between. So, too, did this night. I clicked on my headlamp, and followed the small glow from the glo-stick I had cracked and hung from my tent earlier.

Imagine my surprise, shock, and alarm when I got back to my tent to find a man hovering over my fire, singing to himself. Though he was hunched over my fire, I remember thinking how tall he was. He had snow white hair and must have been in his sixties. I stood still for a moment trying to judge this man, and calm my imagination. This pause gave me an opportunity to hear his song, and I wrote some of the words (and a lot of the details of the night) down later, and still have them. He sang,

"In the great book of John, you're warned of the day When you'll be laid beneath the cold clay The Angel of Death will come from the sky And claim your poor soul when the time comes to die."

When I decided to tell my story for you all, I found my old note pad that had the journal I kept during this time in my life. I found the lyrics and decided to Google them to see if it was a real song, and to my relief, better than the guy making up such lyrics, I found it was an actual song by Hank Williams.

Like, I think, most men who hike into the wild alone, and sleep among the bears and wolves in the woods, I am a man of strong nerves. I don’t scare easily. However, the sight of that old man, with his long white hair and big beard, crouched over my fire singing this foreboding tune was enough to turn my blood to ice.

With no other options, I walked out of the woods and into the clearing where I had made camp. The man looked up and stood, and he was very tall, and thin as a bone. We exchanged simple greetings of hello. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he was waiting to see who was camping near him. Made enough sense, I suppose, since it was the same thing that I was trying to do. I told him my name, and asked his, and he gave me his trail name (most thru-hikers of the AT take up a trail name, which is a nickname they employ on the trail.) The man said he was Cotton Joe. We spoke a little about his hike, and then he went back to his camp.

I cooked my food, and broke out my flask of spiced rum. It was definitely a night, where a little alcohol would help me get to sleep. I had my journal out and was writing down this odd occurrence, as I watched the fire die down, and I heard the man singing once more:

“When The Angel of Death comes down after you can you smile and say that you have been true can you truthfully say with your dying breatht hat you're ready to meet the Angel of death.When the lights all grow dim and the dark shadows creep and then your loved ones are gathered to weep Can you face them and say with your dying breath that you're ready to meet the Angel of Death.”

Not a tune to fall asleep to.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In the Sky

{The following story isn't the type of story we normally publish here at Alone at Night, but the author is a big fan of the site, and it is an odd story in its own right. So, please read on.}

I was driving to work this morning like every other morning. There was nothing out of the ordinary at all. As I was driving along I noted the sunrise was rather striking. Then I noticed what I thought was a huge bird in the sky off to my right. I remember thinking "it must be flying straight in the same direction as I'm driving" as it appeared stationary in the air.

 Some trees blocked my view for a brief period and I made a note to look for the bird once I passed the trees. Once I passed the trees I saw the 'bird' and realized it was a small single engine sized plane. It didn't appear new but more of an older model. It was very low, perhaps only 150 yards up at most.

What was strange was that it was COMPLETELY stationary! Not moving at all! It wasn't like a balloon or kite or anything. There was absolutely zero movement. I thought for a second that maybe it was flying against a strong wind and was 'stuck' in one spot. Sort of like a bird flying into a strong wind. However, there was no stabilizing, tipping movements of the wings or any up and down motion at all.

 I kept thinking to myself, "man, it looks like someone took a three dimensional picture of a plane and stuck it in the sky." As if a video was paused. I noticed as I drove by it, I could see the plane clearly. Wings, tail, etc..very clearly. As strange as it sounds, it didn't even see to be hovering. I can't stress enough that, for whatever reason, it really stuck out to me that there was NO movement at all! I was able to view this plane for about 30 seconds total. I have no experience with aviation in any fashion so if anyone knows how this is possible please let me know.

Thanks and keep up the great work!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

People in the Country Own Guns

Depending on how you look at it, I’m either one of those lucky few who live on a beautiful farm with country charm surrounded by peace and solitude, or I’m one of those unlucky few who live a quarter mile from the nearest neighbor, and ten miles to the nearest Wal-Mart. I prefer to view myself and my family as lucky. My family and I are surrounded by natural beauty and enjoy a peace that most people can’t imagine. I love it – most of the time.

I live with my dad and mom, my two sisters, and my grandma. Our house is a big typically styled farm house but even so, with the addition of grandma a few years ago we ran out of bedrooms, so my sisters had to share. The living arrangements are an odd mix of spacious solitude and warm family time. Unlike, it seems, so many families these days, my family actually enjoys each other’s company. So, even though we have acres of land and a large house, we usually find ourselves congregated in the same area, and that’s usually the kitchen.

Last summer everyone but my sisters were gathered in the kitchen. Grandma and mom were making dinner, dad was bottling his latest batch of homemade beer, and I was just enjoying the company and talking with them about my plans since I had graduated college earlier in the spring. Dad wanted me to take over the farm one day, but I wasn’t interested. We had a small argument, as much of an argument as my family ever has, and the sound of our voices coupled with grandma and mom’s cooking sounds, kept anyone from hearing the front door open.

When my sister, Clair (14), tickled my sides, I about jumped out of my skin. Clair and Sara(17) spent the long summer day at the town pool, which is about eight miles from our house. Sometimes they ride their bikes, but on that day Sara drove. The girls sat and chatted for a few moments in the kitchen with everyone else and then went upstairs to their bedroom to change.

The rest of us continued talking, and cooking, and bottling the beer. Out the kitchen window the sun was just beginning to set. Suddenly, we hear a scream of “What the fuck!?” I could tell it was Clair’s voice, and it wasn’t unusual for her to swear, but the quality in her voice betrayed her fear. I rushed upstairs, and knocked on their door asking if they were okay. Sara said that there was a man in the yard looking at them through their window. I enter their room and look out the window and see a man running across the yard, toward a field of corn stalks, only knee high at that point in the summer.

I ran downstairs and told mom and dad what had happened, and then I began to run for the family rifle. (Side note: stereotype that is true? Country folk own guns.) My dad stopped me, and told me to call the police instead. I did, and they came out about twenty minutes later and offered next to no assistance. Here’s the craziest part. Sara said that she recognized the man from the pool. This means that this sick creep followed my sisters from the school all the way back to our house. The thought occurred to me later in the night, as I was trying to fall asleep, what if they had ridden their bikes instead of driven?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Blair Witch House

The summer of 2007 I went to a large forest near where I live. I'd moved to the area only a year ago and I've never been to that forest since I moved here. It was a warm summer night with a beautiful sunset, so I took my wife out for a romantic picnic on a meadow right at the forest. What a wonderful evening! ;) After the meal we decided to took a walk onto the nearby hills, which are called the "Stone Hills" (this is unusual for this county, we don't have any stones or rock here, just trees and sand). When we reached the summit of the first hill, we saw some stones scattered all over the ground, nothing sprecial, but it was getting dark and it was the first time I thought of The Blair Witch Project. Ouh! We went on, and got onto a small trail on the edge of the forest. After 30 minutes of walking we were quite far away from the last farm we saw and it was getting really dark then. This was because the trees were so big, with lots of fir trees, which are quite uncommon in our region. Suddenly my wife stood still. She scared the crap out of me, aspirating, "There's something over there!". I tried to figure out what she meant, and after a few seconds I saw what she was talking about. There was a large, abandoned house beside the trail, broken, fallen in, bushes all over. We went on, quickly, with our eyes not leaving the surrounding woods. There were deers between the trees, escaping, and the noises they made were so similar to the sounds heard in The Blair Witch Project! The house itself looked quite mean, I am 36 yo, but I got quite nervous, plus the last daylight was getting so unnatural, filtered by the big trees around. We passed the house as quickly as possible and followed the trail. And what else could happen? The trail ended after 15 minutes. Don't ask me why - just like in stupid horror movies - we decided not to go back along the house, so we went right hand side, into the woods. It was really becoming a horror trip then, because the trails were stuffed with trees, fallen over back in January when we had an awesome storm here. At three times, we couldn't move on, so we had to go right through the bushes and all that. All the time, animals were escaping around us, and at one point we saw a huge antlered deer, standing before us. It would have been a wonderful view, but we just wanted to get away. I kept on praying, that my wife wouldn't come up with something like "the house looked like the one in TBWP" or something. I even tried not to think of this topic too much for myself. I dunno, after a hour or what, we eventually returned to the hill, we'd reached first. As we got back to our car, our legs were scarred from all the thorns and branches. Oh my! Later I'd started a big search out in the internet, in order to find something about the house. It was a former forest ranger house. When a friend of mine gave us his dog over his vacations, I decided to go back there. It was full daylight then, but still a bit scary. I also took some photos: Hope you liked my story. BTW, english is not my native tongue ...