Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Prowler in the Night

My parents are divorced; have been since I was very young. And from being very young I used to live with my Dad through the week, and visit my mother on a weekend.

I have a brother and sister who also used to visit her with me. We still do from time to time.

The story I am about to share requires a little background information , so here goes.

When I was about 10, my mother lived in an upstairs flat. Out the back of the flats was a busy road; beyond that, some fields.

My brother, sister and I never played out the back, due to the road. However, outside the front of the flats was a large green which ran the length of the flats, and ran further back sloped down to a hill which went a fence, beyond which were some houses.

The green was not lit up. On the contrary, at night it was very dark indeed. The adjacent car park was lit up by some street lamps, but the grass itself was not, as at night it did not need to be.

Right beside the car park there were two doors to two flats, around the corner from my mother's door.

One night a resident from across the car park reported a man dressed in black peering into a frosted glass window of a ground floor flat. He could see the man from his window, due to his being lit up by the street lamps in the car park. This window was the bathroom, where it later transpired the woman who lived alone there was taking a bath.

One can only imagine her sitting or lying in the bath, facing the wall, unaware of the distorted black form peering at her from behind.

Other residents had reported seeing him loitering around the car park, and walking around the area of the flats.

The man in question was most likely a prowler checking the place out, looking for an opportunity.

I remember the first time I saw this elusive prowler for myself. In one of the bedrooms of the flats my brother and I shared a bunk bed. I was playing on the PlayStation this one time, a Saturday night; maybe about 9 o'clock.

I sitting on the top bunk with the bedroom light on, playing some game or other. The TV was on a fixed bracket high up on the wall, level with my line of vision.

Right next to the bunk bed was a long and high window which faced out on to the front of the flats. The green. I was in full view of anything below.

Like I said, I'd never seen this prowler before, and for some reason I just happened to turn my attention away from the game, to the window, looking down at the green below. I looked for a few moments before suddenly seeing a man dressed in black, creeping across the green, far back towards where the hill was.

I went and told my mother, who came to the front window in the adjacent bedroom to take a look. I asked her if she saw him, and what she told me some time later still gives me chills.

Today's true story comes from a source who wishes to remain anonymous.  This is a tale about a prowler harassing a neighborhood and one person who almost got too close.

My mother saw him, alright. He was walking up the path towards the section of flats where she lived, and she saw him turn into the tunnelled enclosure where the doors to the flats were. She said, "He must have gone,", before I heard her leave the window and go downstairs to the door which led into the flat. I thought nothing of it at the time, as I no longer saw him either; I just assumed he'd gone.

What she had done was seen him come into the enclosure where her door was.

She'd gone downstairs and locked the door. She later told me that, as she looked out the frosted glass pane of the door, she saw him just standing there, slightly to the right, near the door opposite hers. Had it been me I wouldn't have known how fast to get the key in the door and lock it, but somehow she managed.

I don't know what would have happened if she hadn't locked the door when she did. Maybe nothing. But maybe something.

I'm glad I saw him, for this very reason. There's a very good possibility that he saw me as well. I was after all in full view, lit up like a Christmas tree.

Maybe that's why he came to the section where I was; who knows.

It happened a long time ago, but I have never forgotten it.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Behind the Blinds

The creepiest thing that I personally experienced was when one of my cousins and I slept in the back room one night over the summer. She and her family lived with my grandparents, we were in her room. I was 13 and she was 14, she slept in one of the twin beds on the window side of the room and I slept in the bed next to the door, the beds were separated by about 8 ft. that made up the middle of the room. It all happened around 5:30 am, so it was still pretty dark out. I was in a half-sleep in the bed and I heard kind of a faint whisper. I opened my eyes and thought I must have dreamt it. But then I heard my cousin ask "did you say that". I rolled over and asked, "say what?". She said she heard a voice whisper her name, that kind of freaked me out but I said I didn't hear anything. I then rolled back over and less than 10 seconds later I heard "Jayme". I then jumped up in my bed and looked over towards her, she lay stiff in her bed, I could see her body shivering, she said something had been tugging at her blanket also. And then we heard it again about a minute later, she leaped out of her bed and jumped into mine. I was so shocked I didn't know what to do. We both sat in the bed with the covers up to our chin, each of us were afraid to say a word. Then we heard a car start up, it startled us but it was just the neighbors leaving to go fishing that day. But as they pulled out of the driveway and their headlights shined in the room, the light hit the window and we saw a silhouette of a man behind the blinds, it looked like he was right outside of our window. We both darted out of the room and slept huddled up together in the dinning room on the other side of the house.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shower Voyeur

I seriously never thought something would happen to me, but ir did. Bear with me cos it's a long story and I remember everything in super high detail. Prob because I told it a few times to friends. I'll try cut to the chase. So I live in Sydney, Australia, in a quiet, safe and family-friendly neighbourhood.

I was coming home in the early morning hours of New Years Day from watching the fireworks and it was around 3AM. I was walking home with my 2 other friends (both guys) because we didn't wanna ring our poor parents to come get us. The guys lived quite a distance further away from me, though, so we split paths about a street away from where I lived. As I turned into my street, I noticed a guy on the other side of the road. Didn't think too much of him, but I did notice he did a double-take glance at me - but he was prob just as surprised as I was that there was somebody else walking around this late at night. Or early in the morning.

There's a big oval on my road and it's quite dark and scary-looking at night, so I kept glancing over my shoulder. There was no one there. However when I reached the dip in my road, I veered off the pathway to avoid stepping over something that looked like a dead animal, and I saw someone behind me. They weren't TOO close, but they weren't far away enough for my peace of mind. And what frightened me the most was how suddenly they appeared. After all, I'd been checking over my shoulder quite frequently and I'd seen nobody. I was creeped out enough to pull out my phone and start calling the other guys I'd been with - AND IT WAS LIKE RIGHT OUT OF A HORROR MOVIE, but one would not pick up and the other wouldn't connect the line. I must have tried calling them 5 times each... :\

I was sort of panicking, but by that time I had reached my driveway (I live in a house behind another house, so it's a long driveway) and I thought I was safe. However when I was halfway up, I glanced behind me again. And it was a very fleeting, quick look, but I saw the figure again and it APPEARED like they were about to step onto my driveway to come up. And at that point, I thought, "Oh, it's my brother!" Because... no one else... has any business to be coming up at this time of night. Still, I was smart (haha) enough to not wait for him or call out to him, because something about his build and height didn't sit right with me.

I walked right on home and my wonderful mother had stayed up to wait for me, so she answered the door straight away and I went inside. I closed and locked the security door, but left the second door open and the outside light on because I thought there was a chance my brother was coming in soon. But Mum just said, "Why are you doing that? Your brother came home an hour ago." Needless to say, I did get a little shiver, but I quickly dismissed it. I shut off the light, locked all the doors, went to get a drink of water and prepared to take a shower. Mum went to bed and turned off all the lights in the house, except for the bathroom one and the one in my room.

Near the end of my shower, I thought I heard a strange noise at the window. Now the bathroom window is right above my shower. And I KNOW it was a strange noise, because it was weid enough to make me turn off the water and crouch under the window for a few minutes, listening really hard. It was sort of a creaking sound, but not the creak of an old house... but like someone was resting their hands against the window. Yeah. Um... it's still surreal to me. I heard nothing else though, so I crawled out and began to dry myself. Because I was paranoid, I shut off the light. LOL but then I couldn't see to change back into my clothes, so I turned on the heater light which is much dimmer. And as I did that, I noticed that there were very small, light blue lights at the window... which CERTAINLY never belong there. I cannot describe how scared I was. It's the sort of fear where you don't want to move, or make any noise, or... oh dear, I can't explain it. Because this was confirmation of everything I'd been sort of dismissing that night. I really slowly and carefully turned off the heater light so it was pitch black again, and I huddled against the door, just staring in terror at the window. And then the entire phone? device? whatever it was! IT LIT UP COMPLETELY, there was suddenly a whole lot of blue light at the window and it looked like they were trying to shine it through the window, and oh dear, that did it, I UNLOCKED THE DOOR AND BOLTED FOR MY MUM. She was too worried about trying to find a safe room for me to change in, but my dad said he heard footsteps running back down our driveway. And I'm kinda glad he did, because it was so surreal that I wonder if it was just a nightmare.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Alone at Work?

was working alone last week and the building was dark except my area. I went down the hall to the ladies room, and when I got back to my office the light was turned off in my section. I was fairly sure I hadn't done it, because I wasn't leaving for the night or anything. I convinced myself I must have though, and continued working.

Later on I went in the back kitchen area and saw the microwave turned on. I thought I was alone, and was a little creeped out because my boss always tells me if someone will be there late (I lock up so I have to know who else may be there). I called out "hello, is anyone here". Nothing. I jumped when the microwave beeped.

As I went back to my desk to grab my coat and keys and get the heck out of there, I turned a corner and walked right into the "intruder" which was a new IT guy who was working late on an urgent issue. Nobody told me he was there, and he thought he was alone (which is why he turned off the light in my area) and we both just started screaming.

It took us both a minute to realize how stupid it was to be so scared and he was the first to speak. "How about we never tell anyone about this?" he asked. I agreed and lol'ed on the way back to my desk.