Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nightmare Within a Nightmare Within a Nightmare Within a Nightmare...

I was laying on the living room couch in my childhood home, it was the middle of the day, but for some reason I no longer remember, I was deathly tired. I don't remember being sick, although I'm not ruling that factor out. I closed my eyes in the middle of the day and felt myself drift to sleep. I was suddenly awoken by a knock on the door, 3 knocks. I had looked around noticing something different. I accredited it to the fact that it was now Dark outside, I figured I must of slept well through the day and this bothered me. I heard the knocks again, they echoed this time as if they were on the door of a mansion.

I quickly hopped up and ran to the door, glancing out the window I saw my sister and her friend, Andrew. Something was off about them, but I couldn't quite pin-point it. They seemed to be standing there emotionless, but this was during a time where my sister was heavy into drug-use, so I thought nothing of it and swung the door open.

"Hey Harry." My sister said in a frighteningly monotone voice, "We want you to join us," They said simultaneously. Her and her friend stood there staring at me blankly, waiting for a response. I found this very odd, I would usually be quick to "join" her and her friends in whatever they did, they were much older than me and I strived for their acceptance. But something about the way they said it, it bothered me. She also had always been hesitant about letting me attend a social gathering with her friends, even when I begged. But even with all that, I still felt a sense of forced comfort. I would go in and out of feeling comfortable with the situation as if they were persuading me mentally somehow. Like I was fighting some type of Mind control.

I tried responding, but something had me frozen in fear, I didn't exactly know what but something wasn't right, even for a dream.

I also noticed the sun was shining outside, but in doors it was pitch black, but I had thought nothing of it.

"Are you coming? We've been waiting." In unison, like a Choir. It wasn't just their voices anymore, I looked past them and I saw a crowd of people. They all wanted me, and it would have seemed to be wonderful at the time, I was 13 and and craving social acceptance. Acceptance was all I wanted. But they all looked at me like I was a Trophy they wanted to put on a shelf. I watched as all of there faces twisted into the same devious grin. I felt they wanted to use me. I felt they wanted to harm me. But they needed me to want to be them for this process to work somehow.

I finally broke out of my frozen state of fear.

"What do you guys want with me?" I said as low as a whisper, but the whole crowd heard. They answered in unison.

"We're not going to hurt you, we... promise." They said, "We just need you to accept our invitation... you could be one of us." It chilled me to the bone, I hadn't a clue what they wanted with me. But I knew they needed me to accept them, they wanted to comfort me into letting some sort of guard down. I felt it in the way they looked at me. They wanted me to feel like everything was okay. Like nothing was wrong with the situation.

I was at loss for words, I wanted to slam the door but I didn't think I could handle the echoing knocks again. After this encounter, after knowing what would be waiting for me beyond the knocks. Their grins widened, it was as if they read my thoughts. They knew they had backed me into a corner of doubt and fear.

I made the quick choice that slamming the door would be no good, rather irrational as it was. I had to run, I pushed My sister and her friend to the side, and ran through them, I ran through the crowd as fast as I can. So fast that everything seemed to blur past me, I couldn't see what I was passing. everything was a blur. I knew I was headed for the crowd, but I never felt myself run into them, through them. Whichever.

Suddenly, things slowed down around me, I was watching as I ran through an unfamiliar neighborhood, a typical suburbia, white picket fences, every house the same dull blue as the sky was, the color of the sky before it rains. I watched as I began to run in slow motion, I was coming up on a house with a Trophy wife on the lawn standing next to her handsome husband, with the beaming white smile. They were holding a baby, It was just like a Realtor commercial. Things almost slowed to a stop. The wife looked at me now.

"Don't you want to join us?" she said in a hazy voice, as if she were speaking underwater, "Don't we look happy, don't you want to be like us?"

I was almost tempted to stop and welcome her as family, but those last few words struck fear into me, I felt like a cult was trying to get me to join them in some sinister plot.

I kept running, trying to keep my eyes off of them, door after door of Suburban households had slammed open, first the ones closest to me, then so on, like dominoes. then a figure began emerging out of them in similar fashion, A man of the same dull blue color as everything else was pouring out of each house, his face was a blur. He was nude and had the physique of a man, more like a Ken doll really. Hairless, lacking a sex organ. They continued to pour onto the streets, one per every house. I kept running through the never ending street. the further I ran, the closer they were to the Street. Soon they were all around me, I had no where to run.

They closed in on me, and I knew there intentions weren't good.

I popped up from the couch, the light was still beaming in through the windows. I'd only slept for 30 minutes if that.

It baffled me, I'd never slipped into dream mode in such a short period of time. I still felt the fear, I still felt as if someone wanted me to do something for them, join them in some sinister plan. I no longer wanted to sleep on the couch, and relocated to my bedroom.

Where I drifted back to sleep, and woke up again in my bedroom, But something was different... something wasn't right, a lamp in the wrong spot, something a color palette off, or it just simply felt consuming and dark... Every-time I'd noticed something off, it seemed I'd wake up again, only it would still be a dream. I felt like the room was now trying to get me to feel comfort in it, to "Accept" it as it was. To live with it as normalcy and comfort to put my guard down in it. I didn't think I would stop waking up until they got the aura and mood and setting of the room just right, until I finally woke up for real. I'd decided to stay up this time. I was deathly scared to fall asleep, I felt my dreams were trying to consume me. I'd never had a dream like that before, and I haven't since. (It was at least 6 years ago, and still fresh in my mind as if I'd just woken up from it.)

I was hoping that finally writing down this story, maybe getting it posted I'd get responses of similar events occurring to someone else, or maybe a theory?

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