Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cranberry Vodka Crazy

I was new to the area I live in at the time and wanted to go out and have fun. Of course, i went alone which was dumb. I went to a bar, had a beer and a margarita. Some dude walked in and sat down next to me and I smiled and said hi. He didn't say to much, only asked for a cig. I remember looking at what he had ordered which was a cranberry and vodka.

Anywho, he got up like he was going to leave and he leaned into my ear and whispered "I'll be out in my car with a hard-on". Well, as you can imagine I just rolled my eyes like, oooh, ok... Well I had a bad feeling after that, an anxious one. You know how you just know something feels weird? I wanted to get out of there so I asked the bartender if it would be ok if he could walk me to my car. I was a little embarassed.

As soon as I got to my car and the bartender walked off the guy came running over to me with his arms up in the air like, "well are we gonna or aren't we?" Of course i just NO, Sorry. He proceeded to grab my arm as I was trying to get in the car. I slammed my foot against his and took my car door and slammed it into him as i started the car and immediately put the car into drive and sped off.

He followed me. I pulled into a KANGAROO gas station and the guy actually followed me. I was going fast so I don't know exactly how he knew which way I was going. I didn't turn off anywhere though, the road kind of just winds around. He pulled into the parking spot next to me. Looking mean as hell. I was really nervous because what if he had a gun or something? My heart was POUNDING!!

I noticed a cop car parked in the lot and that the officer was standing inside talking with the store clerk. I booked my ass in there to ask the officer for help, and tell him that I'm being attacked. I could barely even say it to. It was weird. It came out really funny like jello was in my mouth. The guy from the bar must have seen the cop and he began to pull away out of the parking lot until the cop went out there and the dude pulled back in as another cop car pulled in. Apparently he was already in trouble with the law. They immediately put him in the back seat and searched his car. He had no drivers license and they found a brown blanket in the back seat with a little bit of blood. I was crying by then. I was just so scared. I called my best friend and she stayed on the phone with me.

- Geekygirl.

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